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'Insulin or death': With prices skyrocketing, diabetes patients navigate obstacles to obtain lifesaving medicine



We're GonNa talk about a disease. That's touching the lives of more and more people around the world diabetes. That's right diabetes super common in the United States affecting nearly only ten percent of the population. I saw a close with my own grandfather. I watched him prick his finger. Measure blood sugar level. But I didn't really really grasp diabetes as a global issue until I met John. Peter Molo into nine years old and I live in Tanzania so John Peter here is a lab technologist at a hospital in Tanzania and he's been living with type one diabetes since he was fifteen years old right so type. One diabetes is when your body doesn't produce insulin excellent at all and type two diabetes is when Your Body resists insulin or does it make enough of it. Yes insulin. It's really important for regulating blood. Sugar in the body and as a person with type one diabetes John. Peter Relies on injections of insulin. To stay healthy he gives himself four shots a day. And it's been really tough to uphold this thirteen in Tanzania many of the necessities that we are supposed to have I not there so we have to struggle is very expensive important word here. Is Necessity a type one diabetic within a few days or weeks will die without insulin treatment and globally. Nobly half of people that need insulin do not have regular access to it so John. Peter Remembers when he was younger sharing one vial of insulin with his cousin and so it was one vial to people. Insulin rationing like this. It's common worldwide but really dangerous. And it's not just an access issue but a cost issue to insulin particularly long acting. Insulin is so expensive in Tanzania that John Peter Gets his supply from Kenya to save money by them from the other country. Oh my gosh you go to great lengths to get this medicine. Yes and I know their the issues with insulin here to the United States having to do with high prices right yes. We could do an entire episode on that actually but today I I want to look at the global market because this past November the World Health Organization made an exciting announcement a program to expand access to insulin. Insulin in low and middle income countries especially where diabetes rates are actually increasing the most rapidly yes and to do it. The issued

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'Insulin or death': With prices skyrocketing, diabetes patients navigate obstacles to obtain lifesaving medicine

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