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Welcome everyone to not another anxiety. Show I'm Eric Letham and I am here today with Mr Elliot Weinstein Gene Kelly. How are you good? I thought I lost I had been mispronouncing your name. You know I had been calling the ally but as we'll see it's How do you pronounce your full first name for those? That probably can't like me. The first full name is Eliana which is a Hebrew name but everyone knows me Ellie Ellie not I love that well. Ellie is graciously joining us today. He is a social worker. Therapist worked in a psychiatric hospital intensive outpatient clinic and currently works in community clinics in Queens. He He created elevation which I had my hold this whole time and my had been pronouncing allieviation dot org but its elevation. And we're going to link you to the show notes and everything like that but you've created that site to help fill a need for those struggling and to add extra inspiration and motivation evasion into everyday life. He has gone through his own struggles with anxiety. E. D. H. D. and men's issues being new dad body image issues relationships in general self-esteem incompetence just to name a few I. His main goal is to help people on their journey to add support. Care empathy expertise not insight. He Runs Events Seminars and individual coaching on topics from Mental Health Awareness Public Speaking Coaching relationship coaching and incompetence boosting. So thank you so much for being here. Were always excited to have somebody so passionate about what they do. And I'm personally excited to have a dude on the show so hello hey thanks for having me anytime so you do a lot. You're busy guy dumped the more than others via and you are in new daddy said right. Maybe ricky is almost eight months Iraqi. Okay well that's funny age when they can sit up and start laughing at everything and now she's going through a wonderful sleep progression which is so rich. Well like I mentioned before you and I record. I've been craving real conversations with real people about the real lives lives and passions and struggles and always pumped. I'm always intrigued. When someone's struggle becomes how they make a difference in the world old and it seems like you're really on the path to doing that? You're you're really making a difference in fact you were just on the Kelly Clarkson show which is super exciting. Yeah and rumor has it. She's Pretty Nice. It's a nice actually nice you know. Yeah Yeah I'd scoop into who is nice and who wasn't from the drivers that took me to and from the airport to give you all the fun conversation Asian or next time you're on that's what we're GonNa talk about just a list McConnell so elliot how did you get into in this world of you know this passion of of making mental health better author growing grown up. I was you know pushed onto taking medication from. ADHD seeing psychiatrists psychologists therapists going through the struggles of not really getting social cues impulsivity issues. being extremely emotional which is one of the side effects of Having Adhd and one of the powers and it took give me a long time to understand that what I was going through was was powerful and that is a superpower that I try to utilize that I am more social being being now because of all those struggles am very much in tune in self aware to my emotional states and could talk to the wall if need be Because of those powers have and that being said I love helping people. It is something that I believe is my passion by purpose. Listen life is to be a loving and caring to those that need it and it's something that has driven me to do a lot of things and push myself further and further further. What I'm doing everyday I don't know I have heard anyone else? Describe their emotions and the like the emotional journey that you you go through and have gone through as a superpower but honestly that's that's the way I feel I'm coming up on five years of recognizing my own struggle with anxiety specifically and I celebrate every single year because it's my superpower. You're it's exactly how I'm GonNa make a difference in the world so that's really really cool That you mentioned that and we got where there is not the sort of thinking of as silly as it is and it's actually not silly at all. I mean there's all these amazing you know Marvel Superhero movies and shows and Netflix series of origin stories. And and isn't that the hero's journey is is you know it's it's messy and it's gritty and it. It's there's a point to it you know I mean even the greatest greatest superhero. I don't WanNa get into conversation right now. You'd see but I I have a lot of friends and myself who are huge fans of both but if we look at the classic Superhero Superman who was born with. These powers wasn't powerful on his own planet but until he came to the struggles Argos of earth and was an outcast. Did he learn who he truly was. I need to have a whole another. So are we already have an episode. You're coming back on to talk about being a dad which we haven't even mentioned where you're coming back on and tell us while terrible celebrities are and now you're coming we're GONNA come on we're GonNa talk about marvel versus DC but that's a whole lesson that we're summer planned So I don't WanNa lose the threat of the the hero's journey but it's it's making me think of something else. which is you're very open and honest and you and you said that before we hit record open book you've been through so much Why why is it hard? And this is such a huge question. And I don't mean to spring something so loaded on you but it seems hard. Let me let me rephrase it seems so hard for men to be emotionally honest. I'm a woman I happen to be a gay woman who doesn't have a problem being tough. That's sort of my world you know but I have the. I have the emotional flexibility to do that and it sort of seems unfair. Seems unfair that we we live in a culture and are you still in New York. I'M IN UPSTATE NEW YORK. You are because you said that you work in Queens. It's you know being in the northeast. Being in America we have a culture scenes of a demanding vulnerability from everyone including shooting men and not really allowing that You know as I think Bernie Brown says I love her name. Brown says something about we want men to sort of die on the white horse Do you being one being a man at all period And to being a a man in this world being a therapist I mean what do you what do you think that is that our culture. What a big question and I was Kinda love that you quoted first of Albany Brown who I loved one day Renee Brown? If you're listening a looking at you but she's listening. I got my little hat right now. For what the person that I always loved to quote when it comes to men's issues and I talk to once in a while. He's amazing resource. His name is Louis House and one of the things that he talks about in his books mask of masculinity is caused of for years before any of us were around back in the long longtime ago ago men were known as the strong one the Nubia man being no be strong stand up fight for the family protect us. It was. This is idea of strength. which on the roles have adjusted changed? Moved whatever you would like to put a word word to it and it's not only just the man who can do that and probably wasn't the man who could do that back in the day either but just what is a was assigned but that is the issue when it is looked at as weakness for some reason emotions and I declined today who told me that he was crying. His wife for twenty minutes straight and he was embarrassed really why because he said. You can't cry. I gotta be strong for her. I said No. It's okay to cry because you're struggling and you need her to support you

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