Gunman Facing Attempted Murder Charges After 2 NYPD Officers Shot In 12 Hours


But New York is becoming this progressive socialist us at the state and city and it's been that way for awhile and then as new Jersey's and then we've lost California so now now now a guy goes out he is arrested he's a bad guy he goes to a parole board he gets paroled you know and then he's back on the street now this guy goes out tries to assassinate get two more police officers in a twelve hour period in New York City what in the name of god is going on in this is the way it was when I came up in New York you know you're in Jersey I know you're on Long Island and you in the boroughs in you're going like you don't like having at the city man I wanna if we can make it there we can make it anywhere right and we'd go from Jersey all of us go from Jersey we go to comedy clubs start now it was it was vicious and it was violent and it was dangerous you know any idea what time I'll have an apartment in the city I got robbed immediately at at knife point please it was terrible then came the knight in shining armor was Rudolph Giuliani and I know the left doesn't like to hear that but we will Giuliani see this great city he said the great city imported but bill Bratton commissioner Bratton the the law enforcement legend they did this a thing called broken windows where they just if you would jump to turn style of you heard I'm if you saw Maria Bartiromo great show Sunday morning futures on fox and the mayor was Ahmed unions on in if somebody yup the turnstile they will address these folks take them and maybe not home about at least fingerprint them so they could keep track and indeed some of these these people that they fingerprinted would end up committing crimes W. contract and now we'll let everybody out we'll let everybody what is the mind set how did we get here because I'm really very up the socially a I I may I may be too you know understanding for you you know if you're conservative conservative but and I and I feel for my you know my passion is to help at risk youth you know but but you but this kind of be a consequence then you can put up with police officers at risk this kind of ecological what how the mantra happen in this country you have people they're they're known as police officers were there to save your life one into ground zero one more tact by terrorists who go on a domestic violence call in in the toughest areas throughout throughout America they go in the what we got away flak jackets now police officer can walk around this guy should not been on the streets this it's a disgrace and and when and when you see governor Cuomo UC made the budget as of terrible work you'll have it and I respectfully submit to the governor of this great state he has it in his power to turn this around and I know he's got it in his heart to turn this around you don't pay the police officers enough in New York now you gonna let criminals out to attack them and try to kill the it's inexcusable made about you're not gonna get he doesn't he's a socialist you want Bernie Sanders great you want you want to vote in these progressive socialist this is what you're going to get and this was really upsetting so we wanna stay light hearted this morning but really this is this is a searing problem in New York in just to read the story this this creep is facing attempted murder charges in connection with two separate attacks on NYPD officers over the weekend forty five year old cockroach allegedly walked into the forty first NYPD precinct in the Bronx opened fire opened fire in a police precinct are you kidding me lieutenant position by front desk was shot in the arm and rushed to Lincoln hospital where he is expected to survive it could have been a of me the thank you our morning thank god these officers about less than twelve hours earlier at least a hundred sixty third this this this queen allegedly opened fire this man in the south Bronx striking and injuring officer which I don't understand I thought the punishment advance at or bullet proof vests it's going to you know it's it's something that you would see in the futuristic movies that were

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