Trainer Richard Baltas on Next Shares' Surprise Win


Start with next shares before we talk talk about the fun story with Oscar Dominguez but next year's Boy The betting public. They're they're very demanding ending. And I I guess right yeah zinc. I actually had people telling me that they thought the Horse is done. You know and I'm like well I wouldn't be running on the done so You know he does like a little bit of you know. We've got rain that we and he does like thank the term for the little given it and he doesn't like it when it's super hard. You knew it was really hard during the Breeders Cup and you know we're taking a shot there but when he broke out the gate Alaska said he just like he just didn't handle it. He said he was stinging. Just you know from the Turpin so hard so he just kinda got him around there and He came back to work. Really good on the turf and had to good works on the turf and I actually was like stuck with a writer our 'cause Franken worked. Giovanni Franko worked on Chirping. He couldn't get off the D'Amato ours and then they've L. Devia works a monograph and he loved them and just immigrate right through in the real so well and he won he won with really with some authority. And that's the part that I I think was was most impressive. Just looking hadn't won since January And that goes back to the San Gabriel. And you're the you know this is the you're the second you're the second winner from the weekend. That mentioned how hard the turf was up north versus down there and I'm trying to think it was. It might have been Michael was wasn't might've been talked Michael McCarthy. I talked to house talk to Cassie. So yeah well you know. We don't get any rain and it's sunny in hot all the time. And it's like they have air raid it and you have to put water on it and They really gotta stay after the trip so you you know the now. There's nothing better than Mother Nature for anything. I don't I believe so it's true. I heard from a few jockeys I mean. You know it's I think on on the East Coast guys come out here. They write a lot of grass races. Obviously over there so I can a- they'll tell you wow it's really hard today

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