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Coronavirus impact on financial markets and economies


Taking a look at markets this morning overnight Asian markets actually surged overnight after president trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial China promised us some stimulus to help businesses reeling from the corona virus outbreak on markets in Tokyo Hong Kong Seoul all rising Shanghai Sydney to India to home health care and financials led a broad rally given the market its third straight game what to expect today and the rest of the week well let's bring in our regular guest Chris for Seyss joins each Monday Thursday here on America's first news he's the chief investment officer at to medical research we distill the everyday noise around us into clear investment ideas any co authors the daily markets note for nasdaq crisper sese good Thursday morning my friend thank you for joining us as always happy to do it that way happy Thursday do you yes I have a question for you Chris because I why I have made that you do merry daily the San Francisco fed told C. N. B. C. that the fed's rate cuts mean the US economy is a well prepared for any potential economic uncertainty surrounding the corona virus does the market I agree with that and and why not or what we just heard I I think it depends on which market you're talking about it looking at the stock market which is you know going on us for the day of the you know strong rebound following last Friday's selloff it seems to suggest that you know we don't need that at least not yet and I and I say I like pause there sure it is I'm I'm assembling today's morning no you know we are seeing companies that are increasingly giving cautious guidance citing uncertainty surrounding the corona virus you know so for example Estee Lauder usually gives quarterly guidance today they're saying that you know that's a direct quote uncertain nature of the wrist related to the crown of virus they're offering guidance for the full second half of the year the companies are trying to take a longer term view assuming that there is some read coming out of the market may have our investors taking into account other factors I mean that what about the tools available to these governments state to counter this damage outside of what's that the fed is mentioned here well and I mean you know the better than earnings X. at the better than expected earnings that's got I got a blunt some of it I think that some of it I think is the fact that the way that it appears that the pace of the corona virus spreading outside the US has slowed you're somewhat sport there are some vaccines that are being developed and earnestness and then of course there's the economic data that came out the US the better than expected and then last week I think you alluded to this this morning you know China is talking about cutting some of the terrorists so it you know there's a lot of reasons for people to be in a in a good mood I think the uncertainty is now to what degree does the corona virus continue to what you know what impact will actually have on February and March remember you know apple closing store Starbucks closing stores the the litany of lines our stars litany of news that we've had for that airlines on the cow is no shutting it knows you know so that there will be another shoe to drop make no mistake sure China cutting terrace on seventy five billion in what's considered to be a trade truce is that part of the phase one Chris how does all of this work work into working to then that's what that's what it sounds like I I I think it's a little we weren't expecting it but I am that I believe it's part of that I find it fascinating that on February fourteenth I'm trying to work a line in the morning no I wonder if the little message here yeah we will look for that day and the nasdaq today Chris up well let's talk about Disney plus results the significance of that Russian you'll crushes and Bob Eiger says look we're we're adding more content I mean this is scared off your neck X. well it it well it isn't it isn't right I think that people are going to be less searching out quality content you don't hear Disney talking about putting this content on ABC which also owns but let's remember that right I think it is it points to the xcelerated ship course training services to be fair right now I mean you know there are a handful of them and but they're more likely to go back I mean we know peacock it's going to be doing things which is the Comcast yeah NBC products user would make no mistake you know things are going to heat up it's just going at it like putting a lobster in the pot right it's going to take a little bit of time to reach that

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Coronavirus impact on financial markets and economies

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