Remembering Kirk Douglas — a movie legend like no other


The police employed by San Masters you think they would have believed me fat to Cook Up. That story between you had nothing to do with it very fond of him aren't you. You wouldn't want anything to happen to him. Does he feel the same about you. You wouldn't want to serve out that five year sentence would you. What are you getting? Remember five years and this time you'll have to serve every day of it. You don't have to all right get down doing what do I have to do. Kirk Douglas. Who has died at the age of one hundred and three after a career that spanned seven decades? Wadi is famous for films like Spartacus. lustily many many more with being the monocle ban Rai than indeed Ben that we just listened to was from his debut. That's nineteen forty-six That was the film at the strange love of Martha Ivers and the other voice. You heard in that clip opposite Kirk. Douglas was degrade Elizabeth Scott who is really little. None today was quite a big star in her time but made most of her career Korea in the genre of film noir. Which of course is quite obviously Kirk? Douglas got his start That film and many others as well were well within the film noir genre and really came to personify so much of what he screened type was when he he did. Have this tendency in this Eddie days to play some pretty unsavory characters but also to get the audience to empathize. He's with them absolutely. That was key to that particular role there. I remember speaking to Victoria. Wilson who is the biographer of Barbara Stanwyck who is also in The that film the Martha Iras And she described that film as really being all about post war American wrought the kind of corruption that seeps into the political process. Sometimes when you've got everything that you could ever want you know what comes with victory. Basically and that came to us on a lot of the other roles that Kirk Douglas Played After that there was another film he starting also opposite Elizabeth Scott which was I walk alone. that one of his best known roles was in the nineteen fifty and a film called Ace in the hole which I would argue should be required viewing for as giants out. There It if you're talking about unsavory characters unsympathetic characters has played by Douglas. This probably should be top of the HEAP He's playing a journalist who stumbles across a situation. Where basically there is a man stuck in a hole But he sees an opportunity opportunity then he exploits the situation he basically follows the rule book of tabloid journalism. Buck does everything that you definitely shouldn't do as an ethical journalist and it's it's all about the The the the consequences that come with that or the other the other one I came to very light is probably much better known I saw powder glory about a year ago for the first time. Absolutely live I mean look Polaris Armenian. These really well-known up performances as you would expect from a an actor of Kirk. Douglas Caliber He's starting so many well known films. That have really come to a lot of them. Have come to Croft what we think about when we think about that period of filmmaking that sort of Early to mid century you. He's career started in the forties. It really ended US oppose or certainly the the golden era of ended towards the end of the nineteen sixty so his career path can be directly traced to the ascendants and then descendants of of classic Hollywood filmmaking but he also made so many other films that I think deserve to be rewarded. If you look at the list of films that he was most proud of making yes. There are the well-known ones like spot and so on but one of the films he listed was that I won the strange love of Mahthir Avas. There was also another film called the bad and the beautiful. which is if you if you like a film like Sunset Boulevard all about The the sort of the Iki side of what it what it means to be great and it's ace in the hole compulsory for every journalist Ben Thank you very much on the life of Kirk

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