DC Fire recruit class cleared of wrongdoing after internal investigation into hand symbols shown in photo


News a DC fire recruit class drew scrutiny for a photo showing three white men making an okay symbol with their hands now an internal investigation found they were not aware the hand gesture is sometimes associated with white power weeks before an internal DC fire investigation cleared of three members of recruit class three eighty seven were to councilmember Charles Allen asked about the photo in question at a DC council committee hearing I see diversity within the class but I only see the symbol being displayed by white men chief Gregory denoted that racist symbols are not consistent with the department's values WTOP obtain the final investigative report which says the men played the circle game throughout training an attempt to catch each other looking at the symbol as a gotcha we didn't realize it had a quote more sinister meaning until controversy arose after west point graduates were flashing the same symbol at the army navy game the report found quote there's no evidence anyone in the class showed racist behavior Meghan clarity

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