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All right. Welcome to episode to twenty-six lacomb likewise been home in a while so I'm not. I got a text from me like an hour to get here. Yeah Yeah it's a it's a decent way out you finish working out and I was like Oh looks looks to be here like saws throwing on clothes. You're like he's going to be hearing launderers. Wet Towel off all the way and then I didn't realize you live so far away. Yeah Yeah when did that happen for you. We actually able to buy some landing. It was probably just about a year ago. So I've been in my house just over a year now so is it feels like home it does. It does now for sure I definitely. Didn't we move there. You know because it was you know so far from town and our friends ends you know still live in town and it's just a it took a little bit of getting used to man but I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else now. Isn't it furniture the worst. Yes because you just don't expect expect it to be that expensive. Not only that but you think that like okay. Well if I'M GONNA spend X. amount on this couch which I think is an insane amount. There should just be one. That's there like you have one in the store and it's GonNa take you six months to get one to my house like I just don't understand a specially for a nice one right. You'd think they could move to the next right. You would think they would just be like. Oh let's just make this tomorrow. The things that I buy that are are frustrating to me our furniture and again I live in a pretty nice house now and but to fill it up with crap. I'm leaving in most of my rooms. It's Solano nope not at all. I don't WanNA leave empty because I'm ocd about that stuff and then they're like this is how much a bad costs you can. Refrigerators frigerator suck. frigerator are mine just broke recently which was great car tires. It's something else that you go. You gotTa have good ones. You get what you pay for. I've got a vehicle that's getting. I'm not there now. Giving me a new vehicle. It's broken like four times since I've had it Geeta lemon like women law. That's the thing right where they just like. Okay well we're just GONNA take the loss and just give you a new one so the car that you bought rubber broken four times. Yeah I mean it works but it's just kind of user error. No it's not user air. No it's it's great and it's just every time time it always happens right when I get right when I get home from like a long period of not being here and I haven't been able to drive live and then I get in it like at the airport and then it it breaks on the way home like you just trying to get home right by. TV does that enough. Like I'm ready to get home. I've been out the only time I need to use it. It didn't work and watch the office and just chilling then. It doesn't connect so I don't want them to fix it anymore just just either. Semi new owner argue Mary Fund or something. So Oh you did the last couple of New York doing doing sem love what was that like for you. Get in the call and I'm not sure how that call work. Do you go. I'd I'd like to be on. SNL think about us or not really you know it was like it was super last minute and it always is. I think it's like because they booked the hosts I mean I'm not certain but I feel like they book the hosts three weeks out and then the musical act. I mean it was like a week and a half so oh you didn't know for three or four months that you were going to be. SNL Yeah no no. It was like I got called in it was like. Hey we're doing this. Alison Week half and I was like okay so we had torsos scheduled like we rented out the space and all the crews. They're setting everything up. The ban guys had already rehearsed a couple of days and then they had to open. Go to New York like super last minute. That's pretty cool. Though right it was awesome and it was really awesome. It was it was definitely the coolest coolest list like filming thing experience that I've had what's it like walking into that space for the first time because you rehearse pre The day before or a couple of days so we went in. I mean two or three days. We were in New York for four days. And I can't imagine how. Jj was there heaps probably there for at least a week. Maybe maybe even the writing meetings he was in all the right meetings and changing the skits and everything like that so it was really cool because I grew up watching US L. With my dad and and so it was really neat. It was very surreal to be there in like C set so a conic you know and is awesome in You know definitely do it again. Do you do the first. Because the first show they we do as full and then they'll end up moving and cutting sketches a bit and then they just go again and do it again live. Yes when you do the first one to do the same two songs running just as you were going to run and how did you feel after basically the super dress rehearsal talk really good about it. I mean you know Lauren came in and was like. Hey you're holding the Mike too high I on the first song cameras. Yeah and you can't because normally I'm holding up here and he's like why can't see your face if you're holding up here so you got to just calm. But that was the only we note that he had but other than that it was great. Who did you ask to take pictures with? I didn't really ask. I'm not a big like I'm not a big like take the picture backstage guy you know unless it happens naturally Obviously me and JJ got a picture. But I mean obviously I wanted to picture with Lorne because I've been a fan of his for a long time and But that was it you know I. I've never been into like unless it's a natural thing that happens. You know. I'm not a big like pop in the dressing room and be like what's You know I mean I don't mind that at all. I actually love when people do that but sometimes I just feel uncomfortable about it. You know because you don't really know I didn't know. Jj Who's going to be like Super Nice Awesome Guy. You Know I. I mean I've never met him so he might have been like. Who's this Guy Michaels? Like he was awesome. He was Super Nice. He's definitely a boss. You can definitely tell. He runs the show But he was he was very nice. Man Very no one will Just had some great stories you know and then. Jj Eh you know. Obviously he's mass of my experience the NFL players as they look big on TV. But then when you meet them you're like Oh my God. They're so big. It was like that to me yes. They're so much bigger they look big on TV but everyone on TV's big on the Games you know so you don't really like if there's the guy that looks bigger than the rest of the guys that guy's really big and so sent him to Jj it was. It was definitely weird. I'm not small guy but he was just massive Tali six foot so when you did the promos watching some of those promos. Because that's those are the iconic thing where they have one of the cast members the host and the musical art MHM like as far as what I was able to see. That was one of the coolest things I got to see you do because I've just seen so many people do that every year. Yeah it was neat and they put eighty Brian on a like an apple box so she she was just she was like she looked like a child. You know beside us. So they had her up on apple doc just so she was like in the frame. I mean it was. It was pretty

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