A highlight from Episode 60: BTS--Why I took almost 1 1-2 months off of Social Media


More income and less stress. Starting right now pay their friend. You might have noticed that. I took some time off from social media and podcasting and i needed to have that time and kind of explain what was going on and give you a little behind the scenes. Look at my life and business you know. Twenty twenty was an unbelievable year but what it gave us was the opportunity to get even clearer on what we really want right what we want in our beauty business what we want in our personal relationships and just what we want in life and we realized that there are so many things that we can't control but we probably thought we could control them but we can focus on what we can control and get clarity on. What really matters. And i know that's what happened for me and i'm hoping that's what happened for you too and i don't know about you but even twenty twenty one has had a bit of a rough start for me but i remain optimistic and so i wanna share a little bit of what's happening again behind the scenes and any revelations that i've had that may help you and so i took some time off to heal my body to make memories with my family and to get grounded on what's really important and focus on those things and i gave myself the grace and the space and to not worry about social media like i usually do or letting people down you know because i said i was going to do this. Podcast weekly or not showing up on social media and integrity is important to me and keeping my word. But i also knew that i needed this time because i've always said that it's important to build your business around your life not build your life around your business and i need to walk. The talk is so that's what i needed to do. And i pride myself in teaching sustainable marketing strategies. And if you don't know. I grew my beauty business while raising twin toddlers and only working three days a week so that i could spend more time with them. Make no mistake. I was hustling those three days. But due to my infertility issues. I wanted to be a mom i so it gave me some perspective and it's always been important to find that elusive work life balance and i by no means have all the answers or have figured it all out. But it's definitely something that i strive for and one. We moved to california from new york. City and i started this new business of helping other beauty professionals about with their marketing and their business. I became obsessed with their results. So i'm not sure. If i felt like i had something to prove. You know like as if what i did wasn't just a fluke or good timing. I can say that the strategies that i teach work for everyone. And i've had it worked for people in other countries across the world and people at different stages in business. And you know it's worked across the board and the reason i say good. Timing is because we all know if you started your instagram or social media channel youtube channel six years ago. It's completely different now. Right organic reaches about one percent maybe three percent best so it takes way more work in time to build that strategy and get climate clients organically in that time unfortunately can be time away from family or things that you really love right. And so i believe in strategies that get greater results for your time and i call that leveraged marketing and. That's what i teach my students. And that's what i helped. My students have those results in their business. So i no longer feel like. I have something to prove in that area because the method works and it's been proven but basically what i'm saying is i got away from my own priorities trying to be so much or maybe too much for everyone else. And by the end of twenty twenty it had really taken a toll on not only my personal health had to hives and infect sinus infection on my body was worn down but my daughter was having anxiety with quarantine an and i were having some conflicts and might be business shutdown and my students businesses were shut down. I was trying to help them. And i self and you know there was a lot right and all of these things might seem kind of minimal to you especially if you have lost a loved one and my heart and prayers. Go out to you but for me. It was just a wakeup call. That again i needed to get clear and reprioritize what matters and so. That's why i took that time off right on a side note. I always say the longer you take off the harder it is to get back and get consistent again you can get into a different type of grew right not lazy but just like you know you just need to get back on track of doing it so i will let you know what you could expect from me and how i can help you grow your business. I appreciate you guys. Taking this journey with me as i share with you what i've learned and what's helped me grow my business and my students and again in that leveraged way meaning we can still have a life and we can still enjoy the process without the overwhelming stress and this is important not only for our quality of life but as you know things are always changing like facebook has just announced in the beginning of twenty twenty one that they are rolling out. The news of ads will be even less effective for small businesses. Right not organic which we already know is less effective but the ads that you are paying for and that is due to apple changing their privacy policies but even so these are things that we have to know are coming down the line and it's always changing right. It just shows that we must. We must follow. The principles of marketing. Right and principles are permanent right. End strategies are available whereas tactics are temporary so for example. If you have the tactic of just getting clients through facebook ads if something changes with the ad platform which does all of the time. Then you are going to be hurting right because you rely on that one source to get clients and so that's why i always teach the principles and strategies that are sustainable and again like i said leveraged. So

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