Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott stepping down at end of June


Last night. Perhaps the least surprising news of twenty twenty one came out that larry scott was stepping down stepping down being a charitable word as the pac twelve commissioner. Nobody better to talk to than jon wilner. Who covers that league. Expertly out there on the west coast john. Great to have you with us and here we go beginning the new year and things are upside down in the pac twelve. What else is new. Good afternoon thanks while yeah There's never a shortage of Of off the field developments. That's for sure on the field. That's kind of the same same story for many years now but but It's it's pretty interesting conference off field. I remember distinctly. It seemed like yesterday although it was many years ago. When when larry was brought in he was brought in from professional tennis everybody raved about him. He did things different. He had media days in new york. He smooths southern at national championship games. And all that out you know. I would contend that he was the right hire for the pac twelve back then two thousand nine to ten and was able to execute on a lot of the high priorities but also argue that he is not the right commissioner for the pack twelve right now and the last couple of years have seen a series of of missteps that have Hurt the conference You know hurt. The brand hurt the football product specifically And just kind of got pulled everything into this. You know Sinkhole how and exactly who will help the pac twelve. Talk some of the candidates that i mean. I've seen at least twenty five names mentioned who is realistic to get this job too. Great question I think the the the the problem is it's hard to know exactly what the patch will presents are going to do because they've got these gigantic media rights negotiations coming up here in a couple of years and so there is some thought that they hire someone from the sports media. industry You know a tv executive basically to kinda head the head the process at the negotiating table But then there's a school of thought that you know they had brought larry scott in from from You know the pro sports world. He didn't have any experience in college. Athletics and and there were problems because of that so they should take a more traditional approach and higher you know a sitting athletic director particularly maybe one that's got You know the football powerhouse so until you know kind of which direction the president's wanna go. It's hard to really pinpoint candidates. But certainly if they'd go a traditional route you can you can figure on some of the top name being being contacted. I would think. I wanna go through every name because i think sometimes i. Maybe i'm dubious of reporters pushing people. But i i've been in that shoe. We've been in those shoes before as you have. But let's talk about a realistic group of people that could figure into this job. Well realistic group You know I was just from from your territory. You know i would think greg byrne If they decided that they wanted to go more traditional route. I would think that there would be some conversations. And they're gonna hire search for him to to do the legwork. I would certainly think that there'd be some outreach. To greg burned you know he He has ties to four different pac twelve schools. He worked at oregon and oregon state We was young He went to arizona state. He was the ada at arizona. Obviously the guy knows college football Which is a big issue for the pac. Twelve right football products gotta get improved. So you know i could see a scenario in which they they at least had a conversation with burnt Maybe even the same thing with g smith you know he. He was the athletic director at arizona state before he moved to columbus I wonder if bob dole's be you know was at stanford before he became the big twelve. Commissioner you know. I i think the actual probably would be smart at least make a phone call and see both i was tired of dealing with texas And ready to maybe move back to the west coast So that those are few names. But i do think that if they go the traditional route. They're gonna wanna have somebody who has been on a pack twelve campus. They don't want to bring in somebody who doesn't understand you know the the culture out here I think that that's going to be important for them. Is is somebody who at least has some ties to the west.

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