Democrats and Republicans, you unity in different ways, and <Advertisement>


Transfers of power in this nation's history. Donald Trump became the first president since Andrew Johnson not to attend his successors inauguration. The Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama wore there. Jimmy Carter, who's 96 didn't make it. Donald Trump spoke to his supporters at joint base. Andrews. The future of this country has never been better. I wish the new administration great luck and great success and then boarded Air Force one for the last time to fly to Florida and Mar a Lago. Kamila Harris became the first woman black woman and woman of Indian descent to become vice president. And then Joe Biden was sworn in. They paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue, and we're off Biden signing over two dozen executive actions and his first hours in office. Overturning Donald Trump's policies on immigration, climate and the pandemic, implementing the first mask mandate in federal buildings. What will it take, though, for that message of unity that Joe Biden pushed so hard to hold up in a city in a country still so split along ideological lines? That way, talked with ABC News political director recline. We can talk a lot about getting together and and unity and it's It's one thing, an inauguration speech, but it's something else when it actually comes down to the nitty gritty on Capitol Hill. How tough is it gonna be? To unite the politicians who are in the house of the Senate. The unity means different things to different people,

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