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And she went to all the hospitals and Long Island and she had Surgery on this pancreas cancer. It was a small cancer and Get surgery on Lee no other treatment. Other achievement after surgeries called adds event edge mint or additional treatment, which he had no other additional treatment. And well. Often very commonly. Surgery by itself. Can't cure cancer. In this case was no exception. Was eight years ago. She had surgery on her pancreas, and a few years later. The cancer came back right in the same spot. Well, what does it mean? If the cancer the same cancer comes back in the same spot? Well, it means the surgeon left the cancer. All right, The surgeon left the cancer. Had no adieu in therapy. The Sergent left the cancer the surgeon to the recommend other treatment that she had No Sergent tried. One surgeon tried twice. And what do you think happened after wealth? The surgery fails the first time most likely the surgery's going to fail the second time and sure enough, the second surgery for Pancreas failed, just like the first surgery failed, the cancer came back. And then she went to a super pooper. Big place had been it to hospitals in Long Island, And then she went to a super duper pooper big place, and she started on chemotherapy because her cancer was back again.

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