Trump and DOJ attorney had plan to replace his acting AG and undo Georgia election result


And let me ask you about this extraordinary report from The New York Times last night that President Trump is plotting To get rid of the acting Justice Department Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and replace him with a loyalist who would pressure Georgia lawmakers. Into overturning the state's presidential election results of obviously with with no proof I tell us about this story. It's an amazing story. Scott. It shows how far Trump was willing to go. It tells us that in the final days of his presidency, he was not only pressing those state officials you mentioned to produce different results, and he was not only pressuring vice president Pence to reject certified electoral votes from states. But he was trying to install a new attorney general who would contradict the con, contradict his own Justice Department findings and tell the states that there was evidence of fraud when there was not All this before the day he incited the riot at the Capitol and all this in an unlawful effort to overturn the results of the election and remain in office, and that matters Especially because in two weeks, the most important question before the Senate is whether to bar trump from future office.

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