The White House - Hop On the Ferry!

Let's Get Civical


Hey everyone welcome to. Let's get civil. This is the podcast. The breaks down politics government structure and dives into the context of current events. But in a superfund way i'm lizzy stewart comedian feminist political junkie and. I'm arden wallet. Hausky former senate intern campaign staffer and political. Strategist in this episode. We're talking about the white house so grab your resolute desk. And let's get several. Everybody had low everyone. Welcome back to. Let's get cynical. I'm lizzy stewart and i am arden. Wallet hausky and it's mid-february my least favorite time of the year. There's literally so little to look forward to in this chunk of the year. It's it's profound in february. Mid february arrives. And i get the worst of my seasonal depression. I always have the audacity to look around. And say why am i so sad and then it occurs to me that it's mid february. Yeah the days are short. The days are cold. And i am stir-crazy crazy. 'cause you realize that like it's a full two months bare minimum before you can like be a full as human who can go out and do staff especially now you know it's like what can you do. You can't do anything anything anything except walk around the block. Which i can only do when it's not freezing and it's been super windy and we had a blizzard and i'm just truly all the elements have aligned. My mom texted me. that mercury is in retrograde. Okay okay mercury we meet again. Yes we meet a gain so good to see. Please go back to your regularly scheduled programing. I would appreciate i view. Please stop doing this. You do this twice three times a year every single year. Yes

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