The New England Vampire Girl


Lena's mother passed lena's older sister mary. Olive died as well after fighting a long bout of the same disease. Her obituary read quote. The last few hours she lived was of great suffering yet. Her faith was firm and she was ready for the change and quote. Exeter held a funeral for mary. Olive all the townsfolk sang a hymn that. Mary selected on her deathbed called. One sweetly solemn thought beliefs are about someone begging god to be nearby as they slip over the brink of death into whatever comes next. But there's a reason that lena just a decade later receives so much less fanfare than her sister. A reason why the townsfolk weren't so keen to be in close quarters with the browns. One death is sad to is tragic but after three people start thinking that this family is infected like cursed or something they were once a family of five and now they're down to to just george and his twenty four year old son edwin and eddie will now. he's sick to. He's actually been sick for a while leading dies. He spent something like two years in colorado. His health. Hoping the western air might do him some good but it didn't. He returned to rhode island shortly after. Lena took her last breath by the end of february eighteen. Ninety two. he's counting down his final days on earth. Trying to make them as comfortable as possible. But eddie's well liked around town so he's not short on people willing to lend a hand before hospice and hospitals attending to the dying was considered a position of honor. In new england society even had a name for it watchers in addition to doling out medicine and taking care of basic needs watchers. Made sure that when somebody passed they weren't alone someone they loved was sitting by their side. Easing them through families. Even entire villages would take ships but any makes a controversial decision. He doesn't choose his father to be as watcher. he stays with his in-laws. Why will it turns out eddie. Might want to stay far far away. From the brown family farm one winter night a group of well intentioned townsfolk georgia's doorstep with a wild theory. They think the disease plaguing georgia's family is caused by one of three things to are buried underground and one is in a crypt. They're basically like what if your wife and daughters aren't dead or aren't always dead. What if they're undefeated and feeding on the living tissue and blood of your son now. They don't use the word vampire in conversation but they do suggest that george exhume his wife and two daughters to see if there's any fresh blood in their hearts if there is they'll know for sure that eddie's health is being siphoned by a loved one from beyond the grave as you can imagine this all sounds like three shades to ridiculous to george. He's surely a god fearing man and disturbing the dead probably feels like it's breaking all kinds of commandments. But at the end of the day he doesn't have another option. Medicine has failed. Prayers have failed and he has a town of people scared about what will happen if the disease is in contained. So after talking it over with eddie george actually says yes to zooming his family under one condition. He doesn't want to be there. He refuses to bear witness so on march seventeenth eighteen. Ninety two george stays behind as four. Neighbors dr metcalfe and possibly correspondent from the providence journal head over to the brown family cemetery. The good doctor more or less thinks this trip is a joke. And the supernatural beliefs being flaunted are laughable. He even says as much but goes along with it. If only to

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