All right big announcement. I told you there is an announcement. Maybe you heard. Maybe it would hurt. Because i think this probably only place. I'm going to say it. This is going to be the last rainy day podcast because i am abandoning zach. I'm abandoning the rain. And i'm leaving. I have taken a job In detroit or for the red wings and tigers. I won't be broadcasting games. I'm hoping to maybe keep doing that. But let's not get another personal stuff. Because i think it's better to burn out than fade away. Neil young one said. And so i know what you're wondering. Now who's gonna fill in In join zack. As he continues up these pains. And i don't know i don't know I don't know what will happen. What are you thinking right now. I mean i mean how could we possibly replace you It's been raining in ontario for the last year and a half. It's finally going to be sunny day without the rainy day. Podcast starting in twenty twenty one So bittersweet you know we had a great run. Here was excited to keep it going. But i'm looking forward to some some time away from the from the microphone busy good. This became a simon and garfunkel situation. And yes. I am. The paul simon in this group and will likely go on to be wildly successful whereas zach will have mrs robinson and that's about it as as far as his hits go. I'm moving on out. I will get into a few things in a sack. But i another thing. You're thinking as who's going to call the ring games. And i think it's gotta be used back and i know everyone's like well that can't call the games second kagame. He's never called a hockey game before bites little. Do you know zach as a matter of one time hopped on the mike in called. Play by play for the terreaux fire. Department verse d. n. y. Game and i have a couple of clips from that game to an active. Going gonna put these on. I'm going to put him on to just give you a feel for what's coming out the bye-bye now you guys may have you thinking. Wow we liked listening again. It was pretty okay on the games but it is. I think going to add a level of excitement. So here's just one clip. That i'll play now. Sixteen seconds left on the clock on panthers on. This is the most exhilarating game i've seen in my life. The sixteen bazan italians are going berserk. We had seven seven game. Twelve point four on the clock here at citizens business bank arena. What a saturday afternoon. Matinee team home crowd atmosphere s really pushed antero odd. Ny sdn y they. They might be a little bit rattled hearing this timid visiting atmosphere. S some there. I mean you future in this. I mean i'm used to calling games with sixteen or less people at them. So that's that's me up well to do this during a pandemic it's So that's one thing in my favor Like color man from that game is a one time rainy day. Podcast guest mas- mcelroy. I'm sure he would up and leave his current job with vegas come back and be the rain kellerman unpaid of course as you can tell by his performance in that obviously wouldn't pay him to do color I think he would probably leave in a heartbeat to that. So the tandems there. I mean the the obvious answers in place with myself on play by play nat color. So we'll see you know maybe Maybe i do have a few. Maybe though You know some other. Nhl teams here that call on this rainy day. Podcast they want me to call. Nhl games and the rain are still looking. I don't know you leave as well. Yeah maybe you know that could volt. Nbc job doc. Emrick guy retired. Maybe they hear this. They just kind of me up to that job So something to think about moving forward. So let's wrap up here. i do you know. There's a lot of people that i like. That i've said to so i'm not gonna do it here But this podcast has been an absolute blast. And so i do want to thank everyone who has lessons This is been a ton of fun of once. We got into the rhythm of it. And i think we did a good thing here with this. I'm really gonna miss call in the ring games like calling the game. Not being able to do that consistently is very bitter sweet. I guess it's just bitter. It's not sweet leaving bittersweet but calling. The game's not not being able to do that next year. It's tough But the just gonna be here. And i'm not going to get into because it's really not any your business you listeners. But i But i am going to miss all of you. I love doing this. Podcast and i love working for the rain and you never know. Maybe i'll see again. Maybe i won't But i just thank you for listening and we have had a lot of fun doing this. Podcast i think zach. Have you know. I have a lot of funded. Didn't really know what to expect when a lot better than it did. In our trial run in two thousand eighteen nineteen so is it was really cool to kind of see what it turned into to be able to have some really cool guests on some of our our players our top prospects you know sharing some stories and having fun. I thought that we took it in our own direction. Didn't care what anyone else thought. And i liked that. We had the chance to do that. Yeah i agree so again. Thank you to all of you. Thank you to our supporters of his reign staff year. And darren glenn we're We're big supporters and in the as well mike and kelly cheesman was big friend of the program we We always appreciated that support. But we're going to put this thing to bed. The rainy day podcast is gonna go out of the world just like it came in which is very mysteriously and very auspiciously. So that's how that's how we're gonna leave this zach good luck. I'm sure you'll work your release another month but i. I don't know maybe leave. Maybe won't be able to do it without me. I have kind of been You've been riding my coattails this organization for long enough. Maybe the time is up sharply in the local paper to try and replace that how we hire down these days just like a like a wanted like wanted middle aged five gaster with sas. I think you should open auditions open. Auditions zach a week long. Tweet year your audition at rain. Insider and i will be happy to listen to all audition tapes. That are tweeted to me. I think that's a great idea. Degraded him all right everyone. It has been a blast. We'll talk to you later. Maybe probably not for now is just goodbye.

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