63: Tell Saki - Part I

Israel Story


Mainland i steer corral velva mother of four children. We agreed to marry me after returned from prison. She was put up with my many breakdowns. All these years tamala other talk to you. I am eternally grateful to benny whose voice calling out to me on the comes before going silent forever still rings in my year to run took place on the machine gun for one short minute that stretch to eternity thanks is given to each of the andreas of interviewees for this book for some it was a cleansing experience for others a real trauma jacob. Are you there. My words break into hebrew letters as they are touched the families put their sounds lives in my hands and i still do not have the courage to face them to my tour for many years is paying the price for butler. She did not take about memory of our friends. Those who died in a battle and those who died trying to save us. France gone for good friends. Hey i mean she harman and this israel story. Those were all dedications of books written about a specific battle in the nineteen. Seventy three yom kippur war and we played them. Because today we're going to embark on a two episode journey back to that war and more precisely back to one small hill a- doorman volcanic tail in the southern golan heights. But before we begin a word of warning this is a war story a very difficult war story in such their descriptions that may be hard for some people especially children to hear with that. Let's dive in. Here's your high may tile with tail sacchi part one most probably every story every event has he's incubation time required to be ready to go out with most stories there is no absolute beginning or end. Life's narratives are usually just not that tidy ours story. Today is different takes place in a very specific time and lasts exactly thirty six hours but as menachem ons bio one of the heroes of this tale just said every event has its incubation time for a sixty seven year old may not him a tall blue-eyed former commander in the paratroopers. That incubation time was nearly a quarter a century in nineteen ninety. Six he and his wife voile went out on a date to see a hollywood war. Flick called courage under fire set during the gulf war iraq war. The first an american helicopter crashed in a small hill. A female pilot played by meg. Ryan and about five warriors. Maybe we slip him in the dark and all around them. There is a beat. Clutter full of iraqis huck rates that are trying to climb the small hill and kill them. Come on cats. I don't wanna wait here to die anyway. Way home games. Wife innocently asked a question if that film does not remind me my battle in Seventy three and then it happened suddenly for me. I didn't expect it. I just broke into a cry and was loud. It was bizarre to me. Because i never cried. I didn't recognize the voice. The sound of mike right. And i couldn't see the road because of my tears and then i had to stop very dramatically and put myself aside to free the way my name is dan alma gore. I live now in the us. Explorer data for dan one of menachem soldiers. It was a different nineties. Hollywood war movie. That did it. Spielberg's epic saving private ryan. And i remember shaky for the entire movie two point. The wife got scared. She didn't know what happened to me. She thought i was getting like seizure. My wife slow. The conclusion lost over the past year and a half. I've spoken to dozens of soldiers. All of them survivors of one specific battle in the southern golan heights. A place left such a profound impact on their lives. That many of them refer to it as their second birthplace after the war as the all dispersed. Either be either to the graveyard. They didn't stay in touch you. Just as the boomed. It'd be one of us who's fragmented to another direction. Everything on the streets of train brings it back into very place. I made the decision that i have to get away from these pictures skies. I can never went to anyone. Who meet anyone plume nothing. We tried very politely not to meet each other at home as well. They preferred not to share their experiences to lock it to locate not to touch it because it will hurt you. Don't touch them keepaway but for most of them. The demons of the past refused to go away it can get away from the war but the will ever get away from you today. I have some white nights as any first year. Psychology student will tell you all these descriptions are classic symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Wars are usually talked about in broad terms forces. Mobilized land grabbed alliances and strategy but the description given by novelist james jones as simple line soldier during the second world. Wars most harrowing battles sounds much more. Like what i was here. Even those of us who hated it founded exciting sometimes. That is what the civilian people never understand about their return soldiers in any war. They cannot understand how we could hate it and still like it and they do not realize that they have a lot of dead men around them. Dead men who are walking around breathing some men find it hard to come back some never come back at all not completely and quote

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