NBA: John Wall scores 24 as Houston Rockets beat Russell Westbrook, Washington Wizards

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John wall scores twenty four to lead the rockets over the wizards one zero seven to eighty eight lee big takeaway from well. It was a pretty close game until john. Wall really took over the last seven minutes. There hit a couple of shots made some plays and and got his victory now. Coming into this was a couple of story lines of course beal and and john wall would teammates here in washington for a lot of years now. Their relationship didn't really end in a hostile way. It was more just like the team moved on. So john wall was more trying to prove a point to his team. In the franchise and the wizards rather than ex teammate there. I in bradley bill. And then you also of course you had wall and russell westbrook who were traded for each other just prior to the season and now that one was a little bit more spicy. But i think that's probably more westbrook than in the us both on a minute restriction but yeah i mean it was. It was a close game but The the rockets pulled away in the end. And really i mean i. it's post game. You saw bradley. Beal who had another good performance for the washington wizards just looking completely distressed on the sidelines. And really the question. Out of this game is we've been kind of asking and alluding to the last couple of weeks. Anyways is does bradley. Beal stay with wizards for the rest of this season. Because they going nowhere right now. He's putting up right numbers. There's no question. He would be in demand and i think he needs to move on from the wizards as well. So you know. That's that's probably the biggest talking point. I think coming out of this guy because you know it's it's not neither seems really a a threat to was. The rockets guess could make the playoffs but Certainly not a contender. So it's really just do. The wizards hit the reset button. He move on from bradley. Beal may even move from westbrook if they can get a first round. Pick out of him because I just can't see this thing going anywhere for the remainder of this season. Yeah every loss. That piles up there for the wizards trae. It does feel like the echo chamber gets a little louder with the trade deal. Save bill get him out of there. Hey beal ask the front office to move you. There are three in ten now. they're one in eighteen games. Westbrook has played. He has not looked great. He was He was just visibly upset last night. And then you started talking. Some trash with wall was given it back to them and walson after the game russ has been kicking my ass for years. My third win against russell westbrook that he's been in the league this john wall talk it so i don't know if it's any more than that just a frustrated westbrook but yeah what do you think about the idea of will be just like go to front office. They do not want to be here. Because i don't want to be on a team. That's not going to be a playoff tournament in just signed that huge deal though right like he's still got two seasons after this one the westbrook in wall donnybrook. What happened there Westbrook goes by wall walls down and it seems to me like he was basically saying yeah. I tripped because you could see westbrook saying back to him. It doesn't matter what matters like as he upset is wallops at that. Westbrook is trash talking him for tripping over his own. That's what it might have been. They hit him with the double tax. And everybody just moved on. But if you're bradley beal despite the fact he's got this huge deal still on the books to be frustrated man because he had twenty five through the first three quarters and then in the fourth quarter it feels like he's not even getting the ball like feels like he's barely getting a touch. I know he had eight points. He took a bunch of shots but there are times when he just doesn't even get a look from westbrook he'll just be standing at the top of the court. It feels like kevin durant waiting to get the ball all over again. But i don't know you kind made your bed now sleep in it.

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