Los Angeles County outdoor dining returns with new COVID-19 rules


Okay, so you'll have to correct me if I'm wrong when I described this, But there was a skit I want to say in the nineties when Alec Baldwin used to guest host all the time. And the skit Woz. He was operating a dirty cake shop. And people would go in and they would try to buy all these various kinds of dirty cakes, and he would suggest a cake with a woman sitting on a toilet. And then the customer would be disgusted and they would leave and then the next one would come in and the sales pitch would be exactly the same. He would lead him in that direction. And every customer that came into the cake shop. Got that same pitch. Do you remember that's get Try to remember that one. I gotta look that one up. Yeah, that's worth checking out on YouTube. That character in that skit kind of reminds me of the L A times is wrong, Lynn because every question that he asked, is, Do you feel vindicated for setting all the restaurants down? He asked it to Barbara. For rare, He asked it to the mayor. In fact, let's listen. Let's listen to him. Ask that question to Barbara Ferrer. Our next question comes from the line of Ron Lynn. Ron, your line is open. Please go ahead. Hi doctors and supervisor Thanks so much for talking with us today really appreciate it. We have questions for you today. Dr Pereira and supervisor on whether you're vindicated in the public health strategy Project room key and when teachers will get vaccines, first doctor further, and Supervisor L. A county received criticism and lawsuits from some restaurant owners on the outdoor dining ban. County data shows that virus transmission rates started dropping around the same time as the outdoor dining ban and the safe ride home order were issued, which occurred a week ahead of the ST Stay at home order. Does the current good news vindicate your efforts to ban outdoor dining and imposing early, safer at home order? Okay. Now, let's get a completely different question. For l. A mayor Eric Garcetti. I'm deeply feel vindicated that you backed the public Health department here because you know, there's a lot of public criticism. You know about this, but In the end, the public health Department was right. That really bad circles coming on. I just want to know what you thought about that. Thank you. You should really work in a dirty cake shop. Joining us to talk about this and much, much more. Is Fox 11th Film Illusion. Bill Welcome. Hey, John. Thanks for having me, man. That's quite a Quite a variety of questions there. Yeah. You know what? Um, I heard the same thing I was listening in on the DPH pressure the other day. When I heard that question asked in my my job kind of hit the floor. I understand. Ron later explained that he was talking about That our number that health officials like to talk about you know how many people get infected by one single person, he says. That number got lower, but I mean, look at any chart after the outdoor dining band went into effect, our numbers shot up like a missile straight up right afterwards. And if you were we remember at the time supervisors Catherine Parker and Janice Hahn They voted against it. They were concerned that hey, if we shut down outdoor dining, where essentially going to be forcing people indoors, going into the fall going into the colder weather? We're worried people are going to congregate indoors more. And you know, people can debate the outdoor dining ban all they want, but the fact is In the months after it. We went into our worst surge ever, and we're still not out of it. Um, so I don't understand why it would be asked of health officials that they feel vindicated for that. Um, it was just bizarre from my perspective. Well in L. A doesn't operate in a vacuum. We have other cities and other states that air doing similar things and one of the reasons that the city of Chicago decided to reopen their bars and restaurants. I believe for not just outdoor, but indoor dining as well. Was because they realize that by shutting all of them down what they did was, they pushed everyone into crowded little apartments or Grandma's kitchen for Christmas or whatever, and that caused their numbers to explode. The same thing happened in Los Angeles. Yeah. And now they're taking another page out of the exact same playbook. They today they're letting outdoor dining reopen with the caveat that TVs have to be turned off s. Oh, So now the idea is, obviously they don't want people gathering at sports bars and restaurants to watch the Super Bowl next weekend, right? So what they haven't learned. What are people going to do now? Okay, so they don't want him watching it outside. They want to take the outdoor option away. What are people gonna do? Instead? They're gonna watch it indoors. They're going to go to private parties at home. They're gonna watch it. It have people over to watch the game. I would think health officials would want people outside in the fresh air at lower capacity. Rather than crammed inside of private homes. Um, but, hey, I'm not a health expert, but it just seems it just seems logical. So, yeah, they're reopening the outdoor dining today, but TV is has to be gone or turned off.

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