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Maybe now's not the right time. I don't know. More on the other side. It's big Alan Jo Jo on K Away News, radio Traffic every 15 minutes. What's the little better than yesterday? John? Oh, boy. Oh, boy doesn't look better. Yes, sir. I'll tell you what, yesterday tried all of our patients 35 accidents I had on the highways by the time we wrapped up at six o'clock, 35 nothing like that. I've got two right now and let's get to him nor found I 25 in the bed. Fred Sports Traffic centers backed up. Big time approaching 104th. You've gotta crash block and Right, ladies there that one just happened, so will probably be in your way for a little while. South and 25 crash at 20th doesn't look like it's a very severe accident. But it's in a real busy place South found his heavy from I 75th and shared and there's a crash in your way. MLK and Holly. They're wrapping up an accident there, and we still got the culture of eastbound. I 70 that's west of Glenwood Springs. While they try to get a truck and trailers. It was one of those tandem semis. See on the highways went off the road during an accident on Sunday. They finally we're getting it out of the Colorado River today. Expect delays Fox

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