It's Ole Gone Wrong: Manchester United lose to Sheffield United



United losing at home missing the chance to go top of the table defeated by bottom of the table. Sheffield united registering. Just second win of the season craig. I wanted to this happen. Possession but but really never trouble chef united gold out many times. Keep with enough to make that. Many saves chef united defended brilliantly. I mean phil. Jackie ohka failty. I think as robot the years bedtime and recent games is gone back to the tried and trusted in midfield which was from flake and norwood. Those guys have been up to save for parts of the season and that was the fulcrum of of their team last year. And in fact. I said i go back to basics here. This was the chef united. We saw last year scrapping and fighting and defend in trying to feed off scraps the other side and united was sloppy. I mean you look at the second goal it was. I think was go on ahead. So wasn't wasn't buck. I thank you boys was bought. Another joke guzman is so much time in the bulks on two occasions was bar and it was on the players within five yards new-look to and there were sloppy so when nine days doesn't have a sparkling game or russia doesn't have a sparkling game. This united say just lacks the guy that we saw from manchester city yesterday. How do you explain that. Defending the second goal. Steve is really weird. Well you just think in some ways when you play against a team league sheffield united. Who bottom of the league. You've pegged them back and you kind of you kind of think it's just going to happen. You're just going to go on and get the one up and so you drop certainly level of intensity because as far as quality it wasn't really there for united but the intensity was there to get equalizer and i think once they did that just a little drop. And that's what happens you know. Nobody takes the initiative. Nobody you know certainly usually when somebody has the ball at the feet in the box. You'd expect to not just one but two defenders could be gone in either thrown overboard in the line or just making a good solid challenge of get close enough. That didn't happen and that to me is just took a little bit easier after the equalizer thinking the all that to do is just see to score and we see today. Why manchester united win. The title. Worldwide tipped to win the league but craig was talking about. They had fantastic possession but mashes united. Can't handle possession and that's the probably you go. From beating liverpool liverpool keane had initiative. They went up and then scored. But i will also a respect scheffler united for their performance. I mean you could say. They deserve the window game because in the second half would it should be a pressure from manchester united at putting cavan on. There should make all kinds of efforts to get at least equalize. It didn't happen. I can't remember the chef. United goalkeeper had to make any big saves any big interceptions. Sometimes it came for crosses. So i think that that was mentioned uniting loosing on dreadful day of manchester united in the like marcial his buddy which is not even european europa league. Ins- it's down in the go. We don't championship. I can't believe how sometimes goes along on the pitch

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