Peloton will pay $420 million to acquire fitness equipment maker Precor

CNBC's Fast Money


Shares the peleton higher in the after hours session peleton's acquiring precor which is one of the largest global commercial fitness equipment makers the transaction valued at four hundred twenty million. Us dollars upheld. On cheers up seven percent guy was a smart move presumably. This is to acquire their manufacturing facilities. So they can meet better demand not only that and it is a smart move. Four hundred thirty million dollars. I think is probably one percent or so of Peleton's market cap not really. It's remarkable not a big deal for them. We play the game. I think back in november best days ahead or behind peleton and i thought the best days in terms of the stock were still ahead and here we are now. I believe it all time highs. Good for them. Get some really into the commercial market. Now they're probably some technology that secrets technology things. They can implement. I'm sure on the back of this. It's a company that i really believed thinks the best days. Lie ahead and i agree. I think the stock can still go higher from here. Despite the fact that. I think it's up. I think north of one fifty four now in the

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