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He's great clancy brown right. And i got to work with them on the great brain robbery and the justice league unlimited years ago. We switch brains. He was lex. Luther ironically and i was the flash of course was fun. If you don't know anything about that but you like fancy bramble you're here so you're gonna hopefully listen. I hope you guys have a brilliant frigging new year. And i just wanna say thank you to everybody ryan bryce lovely patrons in everybody who listens to the show You know it's just the show so important to me now. It's become a big part of my life just with You know talking about real stuff. And i hope that you know more people find it and i hope that you guys stick around and I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for for sticking around listening to episodes that for with guests that you don't even know and just because you might learn something. We all learn something ryan. What are the handles for inside you. Podcast at inside of pot on twitter at inside of me. Podcast on instagram and facebook and youtube dot com slash inside of you with michael rosenbaum youtube dot com slash inside of you with michael rosemount. Yes that is awesome. Ryan edits the episode. So you can watch them. If you don't watch them you should and if you're watching listen go listen and i can't say it enough but if when you write reviews if you really like an episode and it means something like that was really good you could take that minute to just write a review and also email your friends and say police subscribe It means the world really helps believe it or not It does it. I wanna thank westwood one for other lovely support all the ladies. It's more work with all ladies of westwood. One kelly and theresa and agnes cat in trim trim And just a great group of people and having a women in my life. Because they're really smart. They know what they're doing. And you just kind of let them do you. Just i defer to you you know women but again thank you to everyone and all the patrons out there who have really the reason why the show is still on its feet in beginning. I mean especially now tough times at a tough year for everybody but they stuck with me and they are so supportive and even when i said merch boxes to them and I signed to the wrong person and they have to their understanding very seldom do i get an email at hello at inside of you. Podcast dot com. Hello at ninety gas. Knock on that's right Do i get a you saw the wrong name. It's usually like. Hey this is for my dad for his birthday and his name's not alicia so i'm like yeah my bad My mind just goes going south man unless unless dad realizes he's been unleashed a whole time he digs deep. That's why i have ryan here folks also thank you everybody for coming to our stage. It was our biggest stage at show. Ever if you don't know stages stage at dot com s. t. a. g. It dot com. We live shows Every last saturday of the month rob dancing. I weren't band. It's called son spin spinach just the two of us. Just two of us talk to be at the most big turnout and there was the day after christmas that no one was gonna show up and thanks to all our followers and everything it was. You know we've been able to make this album and it's coming out in the websites coming out soon. We just. The logo did a photo shoot socially distance and We have we're just really pumped in the mixing stage now than it's mastered and we should Start releasing songs on. Itunes will have a preorder for. Cd's we're going to order a release assam probably every week. Once it comes out and then the last week to two songs. And we're going to release it that way and i tunes and then Have the album with amazing merch when the merge comes out. we've got like this collection lunchbox. So it's a lunchbox but includes all the merch that it's a sun. Spins black with yellow logo sun spins bad ass. So we're we're palm d- look i don't expect to be a rock star or anything like that but i think we made some great music and i think you're gonna like you and i hope you share with all your friends also the inside of you online store if you go to on shop inside of you. Online store I'm gonna put another discount code. Twenty percent off the for this coming of a new year here this can happen soon and We got some great stuff. And i just put on a put up some Lex luther pictures and sorority boys pictures and justice league pictures and along with Tumblers hats and towels and a bunch of stuff. So there's great merge and i'm going to try and clear it out to get new march for the next year civility inside of you online store and the discount code will be rosenbaum. Loves you twenty. Rosenbaum loves ya twenty. Why all right let's Let's get into this wonderful guest. Merry christmas happy new year. Happy new year. Ryen happy new year and i can't wait to hold you were just talking about taco night. I was starting taco nights here at my house and ryan's like oh. I just saw an old email in march when you had you canceled the last if said it was so sad was searching through my email and then because it feels like it was years ago i discussed. It does feel like. I can't wait to have organized softball. My friends and talk. Oh nights we can play softball with us. Of course yeah you play your good. I am bringing. Yeah wow. I got a wreck on my shelf somewhere. Yeah all right. Let's get inside of a guy that i've worked with. Who's a legend you'll if you if you don't know he's got some great stories. He thought he was going to be boring. And i i love you glance and you're not boring ever you're a genius and

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