N.J. Approves $14 Billion in Corporate Tax Breaks in Less Than a Week


Approving a corporate tax incentive plan costing over eight billion that would end up mired in controversy. The state legislatures approved an even bigger program, perhaps more than 14.4 billion in the coming year. If every tax break is approved and awarded, the plan provides more than $1.7 billion a year for corporate tax incentives, Senator Pulse Arlo says the bill addresses the shortcomings exposed in the last tax incentives Law bill that we are going to need In order to survive in order to stimulate our economy, generate their economy and incentivize our economy going forward post pandemic, The Assembly passed the bill 68 to 11. The Senate passed a 38 tow one with only Senator Mike Doherty opposed. I see a very complex is quoting capitalism Plan here at the Statehouse. Michel Simon Stew Jersey one of 1.5 News, Somebody jersey's first

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