ANALYSIS: So You Wanna Be New York City Mayor, Huh?


How Do you see? Large democratic mayor of field shaping up in general. So far, it is kind of overwhelming for people to get their minds around such a long list. I said We were gonna go down through the list, and this isn't even gonna be Complete list. We've begun having the candidates on the show already, and I keep saying to the listeners this June primary is going to come up on people faster than you realize. But my goodness the field is so crowded. With Eric Adams in Scott Stringer and Maya Wiley and Shaun Donovan and Kathryn Garcia and Ray Maguire and Carlos Man, Chaka and Diane Diane. Morale is and Laurie sudden. And that's an incomplete list. And now we're here. Max Rose and Andrew Gang may both be getting in are their lanes in this race like we used to say in the presidential primary, the conservative rain laying the progressive lane or how can a voter who isn't a political science professor like you begin to sort this out for themselves? Right. I mean, in some ways, it's both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. I mean, sadly, so many voters can't really fully focus Brian on local elections, just Jack because we haven't gotten past January, 20th And especially for voters of color, Knowing what the president has has said the types of people he supported his members of his own party, essentially trying to actively create a coup within American democracy. It's a very unsettling political moment, and a lot of folks can't really focus. Fully on a local election until there is a peaceful transition of power, which quite honestly is not guaranteed at this moment. And so once we get past January 20th it's a 2 p.m.. Then I think that there's a sigh of relief when we can start looking at. Okay. Well, who are who are the millionaires? Who were, you know, sort of waking up in the morning, saying I should be a leader? That's one bucket. Who were the folks who were currently unemployed and need a job. So hey, I should run for mayor too. That's another bucket. Who were the progressive folks who have interesting ideas for New York in some sort of some sort of managerial experience, but no previous electoral experience. That's another bucket. Then you have sort of the you know the politicians who have been elected to office once or quite a few times, and they want to expand that sort of leadership style. In a city that might be looking for something totally different. And so we have minimum four buckets. Obviously, there's descriptive politics. Some people think it's far time that New York City has female leadership. Some people want to make sure that there's leadership of color, whether it's another black mayor, Post Dinkins or if we should have someone from the Latin next community, and so there's lots of different angles. I think right now because it's so crowded. It's hard to Even hear what people actually saying. But also that's on the candidates, because because of rank choice voting, many people are reticent to attack their opponents. They're reticent to say any big, bold ideas. It's kind of a milk toast election as a as of now, that's not garnering any attention. From the vast majority of New Yorkers. And we know that municipal elections in New York City have have abysmal, embarrassingly low turnout for someone who will not only be the leader of New York but political figure on a national even international scale. Can I just? Yeah, e You want to say something really quickly about Henry's point about 1993 moving forward with crime. I think we need to back up just four more years and think about the Dinkins years and what Mayor Dinkins was was successful and trying to re imagine the police department in a more community policing way, and we have to be honest about the amount of money we pay out as citizens. For bad behavior of the NYPD and how bad officers are continuously protected on considered, I would say, terrorized particular communities, and the fiscal implications of that bad behavior, you know, goes beyond just training. It is a fundamental re imagining that mayoral candidates must talk about because there's something going on that Justin The top brass leadership. But there's some sort of corrosion throughout particular departments in the city that needs to be rooted out in a real substantive way that we just have never seen before. Well,

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