Tom Claus (Mohawk) New Years Special

The Storyteller


A mohawk indian from the six-nation reservation near brantford -tario canada. I belong to the turtle clan. When i was just the babe of one year old. My mother was getting ready for an indian celebration that we have every new year's morning. And that's when our indian people go from house to house and you can hear them coming lada. Young people would beast standing on the running board of the car and They would be coming along the road from one house to another and they would be yelling out new yaw and that meant new year in our indian language and so When they were coming you had to be prepared. You had to have a treat for them and so my mother made cookies and she would make pie and cake and they could have their choice of what they wanted. And so while she was cooking that new year's day she heard the radio that was on a little shelf in the kitchen where she was working and that radio carried a wonderful gospel program every sunday for seventeen hours on. That station would be christian programs but on this day they were making special announcements about this special broadcast and they were saying tonight from eleven to twelve there was going to be a watch night service and there going to be music by acquire an that there is going to be special groups. There was going to be Trumpeter from the marine ban and a lot of wonderful things and then there would be a message by dr churchill. Who pastored the church where this broadcast was coming from and so my mother asked. My dad will be alright to keep the family up for this new year's watch night service and my dad said yes and so my mother my dad my oldest sister and then my sister between dorothy and i was all sitting there in the living room and we heard the music and it was thrilling and there was exciting and then after the music dr churchill got up and he brought a message in that message. That was just a few minutes. He told about how he could be set free from sin. He told how we could be forgiven. From our sins and toll how our life could be made clean from all our sins and it was such a piercing convicting message. That when he gave the invitation at the end he said wherever you are. If you're at home you can get up from your chair. Kneel down or you can get out of bed and kneel beside your bed or if you're driving your car and you're listening to the radio you can drive alongside and park and there you can pray wherever you are. You can pray and you can ask the lord jesus to forgive you of your sins and to come into your heart by trusting. He's finished work on the cross and so that night in our little indian home my two sisters got up from where they were sitting and they knelt down beside their chair and they cried like babies. They were crying because

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