Restaurants In New York Barely Scraping By As The New Year Arrives


So You want to go out for a New year's Eve to a restaurant and celebrate as you probably have done in many years in the past, because you're not going to times Square? I wouldn't go to times Square, no matter what if it was 60 degrees and no cove, it Difficult Times Square on New Year's Eve. Just not my thing. I want to actually pee in your toilet. Not in my pants as I'm sitting there for five hours waiting. But if that's your thing, you can't do it right. So restaurants in the city or closed because of an edict. By the governor. That science based. Of course, he's just trying to react and do something. Because here in Westchester, we can go Dinan. There's a there's a capacity limit, but All these restaurants have changed, you know, like in some of these booths They'll put the plexiglass between the booths and skip Boots. So every other one could be occupied. Which is silly. Why the hell are you putting up the The Plexi class. All this stuff meant to keep the Crazy. Power hungry Health Department inspectors or The deputy sheriffs or anybody else who is being sicked upon you. From slapping you with a fine well, there's a new lawsuit that just came out restaurant group class action lawsuit against the Blasio and Cuomo. And basically it was started by the seaport house in Manhattan. There the first plaintiff butts class action, and they're basically saying, Hey, look. We cannot and will not respect or obey any further takings of our fundamental liberty. Interest in freedom's good for them. Because this is not based in science is only 1.4%, according to the state's health Department of Coronavirus cases. Not deaths. Positive cases, which could mean nothing. That are attributed to Restaurants, But the restaurants in New York City are bearing the brunt of this, so AH, place. I always go because I went to Fordham and I love to go to a couple basketball games a year we get together. We go to the game before the game. We go down to Arthur Avenue, which is across the street not fought right? And we go toe. Pasquale's Rigoletto will go to Dominic's will go to zero to know that all the good places down there that make it special. We can't do it now. Charlie. Apollo is the owner of Dominic. So, what happened to bump into yesterday? My wife and I, My mother in law went went out for lunch in Yonkers. Where, Of course, no problem. You have no restrictions other than some capacity limits, But we can have a good time and we did indoors. But Charlie Apollo and Dominic's and all the other restaurants in New York City can not. Charlie, How are you? Good, Bob. Thanks for having me today. So how bad is it? I mean, you guys have been through so much where you've had to shut down, And then you were able to open up for limited capacity or take out only by the way I'm not a take out kind of guy. When I go to a restaurant. I want the food to come out hot. I want to enjoy it. I want toe be with friends or family and not have to go to grab. You know a bag, Get it home and then have to reheat it. I'm not just me. I know a lot of people do it. Thank God they do because it's keeping you guys alive. But What's going on right now? Your restaurant Arthur Avenue, All of New York City. Are you guys air hanging on by a thread, right? That is correct or not the revenue all the restaurants, um, on Arthur Avenue followed protocol, according to the governor, I thought we were doing a good job of it all. I think all the all the city restaurants were trying to do the best they could. His shutting us down to the holidays was was very big alot restaurants and all the revenue are suffering right now. It's not enough just to sit outside. It's way too cold. On the houses they built on the street. They're trying to do the best they can with them, But it's just not enough and take out is not enough. So I think not only on off the revenue, but all to the city. Always four restaurants. We're all suffering pretty bad. Just think the governor should have a little bit more of a heart and kind of think about the small guys in this business because it's a trickle effect. It goes all the way down. On the restaurant's This applies to all the employees is just a trickling effect that it's hurting everyone.

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