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You could call it the first luxury cruise to alaska and it had an amazing guest list railroad. Edward herrmann invited john. Muir george bird. Grinnell william doll and other leading scientists artists and thinkers of his day to sail with him into the often. Uncharted waters of alaska and eighteen. Ninety nine he wanted it to be sort of floating university to explore the wilderness that america had purchased just a few decades earlier. It's passengers would provide the spark that got america's serious about conservation travel writer. Mark adams retraced their journey on the much humbler state ferry system to see what alaska's natural history and its people had to teach him today. He tells us what he found in just a bit on. Today's travel with rick steves and dutch scientist mental skill. Thousand explains how urban ecologists in cities around the world have been noticing evolutionary forces at work in local animals and plants rate before our eyes. He'll tell us where you can miss this to a little later in the hour. Let's start today's show with a look at what you can find when you visit the largest of the greek islands crete. It's where the earliest advanced civilizations in europe were found more than four thousand years ago. We're joined by greek travel. Experts david and anastacia guy tanu. Our conversation was recorded prior to the covid. Pandemic closures david. How're cretans. The people who live on crete different from greeks and their outlook. I don't think there's a proud of person to be found in greece than creighton. Credence are extremely proud of their long history. There island and they're wonderful food. The people from crete really see themselves as being a little bit different to the people from the greek mainland anesthesia. When you think of the pride of crete people and the traditions. How does that survive in their dress. In the way the look when we travel there you can find that still worn by older people in the largest cities bad. You find it definitely in out in the country and in small villages and the further up you go on the mountains the more you find that and you have this. Very particular scoff. That they were on their head. It's black of course and usually there is also big moustache underneath definitely because that's Masculine thing and they have a black shirt in. They have brown trousers. That up. The very distinct and to create and usually black boots and i was struck when i went to crete that these traditions survive more there than elsewhere in europe. I mean everything's becoming modern in the same issue travel around more and more but increased. You do find those traditions alive David i was an increase just last june and having been there for a while i was wondering with ride. See some of these things like the old britches and the long boots and the the coach but to my great surprise they have not disappeared in fact they've now become trendy and symbols for the young symbols for the young. Would that be. Is that sort of an expression of independence. I think it's because they see themselves different and they wanted to let people know that they're proud of their traditions. There's lot of guns returned. There used to be synonymous with crate guns. But you see less of these days although when you go walking plenty of cartridges from the hunting season is that right what would they be hunting farm firm and anything that moves birds. Rabbits has if you're an athens. How easy is it to get down to create. It couldn't be more simple because there's Boats that do the trip overnight. And there's lots of lights with a gna so let's see you got five days crete. What would you do david. If you're helping me plan my very if going have five days. I would stick to the north and i would stick to iraq leo which is the capital and access point fo the famous minoan palace of knossos. And then i would go across honey. Which is the second city on crete. And it's just a beautiful Old venetian city from honey. Can't you go up to the top of the mountain in hike down the gorge of samaria. Have you ever had that. yes i have. what's it like. well you have a very long descend and the beginning. It's in kilometers about four kilometers to go down. You just go down a winding backing back inbound down and then you move through the gorge. But they're really beautiful spots at that gorge in you meet people. There are people there. There is once goal the gate in the result shepherd they who knows of course every guide and every person who goes often through that gorge unusually. He has cheese. And if you know you can well he can bring some other stuff out as well and you see. Also a lot of the very unique flora and fauna of crete and the. Raise your liking usually. You're uc wild ibex. That they have their only on crete and has a very funny name. Actually it's called click critically. Can i xe david. If i remember correctly the tourist generally catch a minibus or something up for the almost like at sunrise and then they walk switch backing down then. They have a long hike along the river with little places to swim along the way they reach a very very narrow part in the gorge where you can almost stretch your arms out and touch either of the sheer cliffs and then at the bottom you have a beautiful remote beach and boat waiting to take you to the next town from where you catch the shuttle bus back to your home. Base is still basically the routine that is still the routine la. They have come up with an alternative for the lazy person who does not want to do the whole walk. You can take a boat to. I think it's really the base of the gorge and you can do what they say. The gorge short way. When you simply walk up to the iron gates and walk back again undone to all the other stuff okay. So there is for the quick tourist and for the person wants to spend a little more exercise tour guides ns schick. I tanu from thessaloniki and australian. David wilson experts on ancient greece and the mediterranean world. Telling us about the island of crete right now on travel with rick. Sti david you mentioned Palace canosa's anesthesia. Tell us about the the civilization that left us with this amazing palace prehistoric civilization on crete and some of the classic islands. But most of the things we have preserved our crete and they're called the minorities or amino ones. The name derives from the mythological. I king of them who was munis or minus and They have left some amazing remains of palaces and crete we have three big palaces malia commercials festers four and zackhras and there are also some ruins of villas the most known one the most famous one because it was excavated by the english archaeologist off the time arthur evans and it was reconstructed to an extent is the palace of classes which is outside of iraq in about half an hour's drive curriculum. And you can then probably the number one site that visitors are looking for is this palace of noces is sort of rebuilt in a little bit over ambitious style by this archaeologist because he couldn't really know how a dispute about that but when we think of the minoan my images. Okay you have the three thousand bc civilization in egypt and then the next real civilization to emerge was on crete. The minoan and that was a thousand years before the golden

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