Serena Williams and Others Talk About Valentine’s Day at Australian Open 2021

The AO Show


Even in the absence of crowds love was well and truly in the air on day. Seven of the australian open which coincided with valentine's day our reporter alexia mitchell february. Fourteen baby herself has more on the skull. Bored there's nothing plays more than love but what about off the call. Love is all the time. They're you know in the intel us because you know we are playing in such a they in day out. We have to practice. They they out. You put lots of hours of work so if there is no love for tennis. You're not doing that. You're not Working hard You're not enjoying the high and the low moments so for sure. The you know everyone who's competing have some kind of love for tennis. It doesn't matter whether you're a grand slam contend. Luckily lina or twenty three time. Major champion lex serena williams. Love is the universal language. I think if i didn't love wouldn't be sitting here wouldn't be in australia if i didn't love what i do I think that love is one of the single greatest things in the world. You can have and repels you to be your best and when in your job whether it's playing tennis whether it's doing something else about miller ranch narzo there are different ways. Love can be expressed right now. Tennessee is maybe a great opportunity that After almost we're going on a year of hardship all around the world It's been more than a year here in australia with the fires i I hope that The love for the sport that we as players have the fans of hadn't been able to enjoy to this poynton. I know that we're all grateful or appreciative to have had them with us Supporting and you know we. We love playing in front of a crowd and we love being able to play tennis all around the world iga xiang tech maybe the reigning champion in the city of love but she's found herself in melbourne with at valentine. I guess love is important. Not only tennis but basically in life. But i feel like i didn't have any time left. I don't know Focus on that so long then this man with the smoothest name in tennis it felix. Oj a herpes. Romantic with reckitt in hand. I think love is fuel right. love is Is fuel to get up every day and you can almost name passion as well when you're passionate In love or in your work and your job or whatever you're doing in my sport and my case i think the report Gets me going and tough moments Gave me up when there's hard practices to do and it really keeps me going.

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