Disney+ Announces Series Of New Projects


Story. This week is the disney announced an absolute glut of new projects coming to disney plus or wherever else they might put things disney plus as we all know is a massive streaming service platform. That is growing constantly. that has tons of subs. But the walt disney company as we also know is just a massive player in the industry growing all the time and this was called investor. Day which i already think is a fascinating shift There are no instead of a sweeps. This is their way of letting everybody get excited about their content and its for investors. Their stocks went through the roof. Hit an all time high during this crazy time when people are like stealing food to survive. So it's weird. Because i feel like we're kind of living through the twenties and the thirties at the same time. These days disney went crazy because they just announced a nonstop lineup of tv shows and movies many of which are sequels or interational or offshoots from new star wars shows about characters that you probably never heard of even if you grew up loving star wars to new marvel shows just the images of all the logos alone overwhelmed me. I saw on social media. People just took right off their investor day slide which kind of feels like an apple announcement and and very much inspired by that. There's a lot of but wait. there's more there are so many strange things buried within this. It's almost hard for me to believe. And i think i told our jason helderman the writer. No film school as it was happening. I don't really think they're going to end up producing all of this content and he countered of course they are. But i just remember a time when bob iger. Ceo of disney said. There will be a new disney movie or a new star. Wars movie am sorry released every single year. That lasted like two years. I think before they sought not working and decided to scrap that plan. So i am not convinced that every single one of these shows is going to end up on disney plus or in theaters or wherever people are going to get things for example a live action hybrid chippendale directed by akiva schaffer from lonely island starring. Mullany and andy sandberg and the tweet of this from walt disney studios. You would have to check to make sure verified real account and not a joke because it's so weird there was also another like super weird one. That up was the movie. Light year and this to me feels like an abbott and costello routine. It's about buzz light year. But not the character. The toy from the toy story movies as chris evans who plays light year in this movie tweeted. It's about the real man. That buzz light year is based on which through everybody into some confusion. Because how is this so the toy is based on a real man but not a real real man a fake real man in the universe of toy story and this is the movie about the fake real man that the fake toy is based on in toy story. It's a little odd. It feels like we're at the point where. Ip is becoming just an endless feedback. Loop when i think about that for too long but the whole thing is just is just a crazy. This is the direction of entertainment. I think know again. I darren. James who's also on our team our tech writer at no film school about how there was a time when just one star wars show as lucas talked about like in the nineties seemed like impossible. Where's it gonna live. How are they going to produce. Now there's thirty and it's just like and because of the tech behind the mandalorian. It seems completely plausible and because of streaming platforms plausible to produce it plausible for it to be seen. And they have the subs. So they're making money. Everything about this is such a shaft in the industry.

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