'Masked Singer' spin-off 'The Masked Dancer' to premiere in 8 days


The premiere of the mask dancer in about eight days. So that'll be coming. We'll be talking about that. We just wrapped up season four of the masked singer. Yeah so you can find all both those shows on the reality rap. He work will the mask dancer be hit. I think the first episode will do well. I just need to envision it. Like i understand why the singers they hit like singing shows do wells. Dancing shows have noticed. There is so think like give it. Those are legitimate stars that you know who's dancing but the league with the mask you could tie is going to be lower for the masked singer and i know there was at least one or two people on the thing this year that like donate wikipedia pages basically so i don't know okay because what support what celebrities agreeing to dance. More people can sing and dance. While i think i think there's some athletes. I've heard some olympians rumors. I don't know but we'll see we'll be interesting thing about all those shows. The athletes are usually like jerry. Rice in theory in sports is like a bigger deal but like he could go on dancing. Th you know what. I mean like for some reason get better athletes than they do celebrities for some reason. Why okay

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