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She's perfected the art of living in the spotlight. But motherhood has opened digi hadeed up to a new world and a new set of priorities. I'm khloe mao evoked contributing editor. And this is g. G in wonderland knew that i have that animal in me says gee hadeed relaxed. In bright. from december cold the twenty five year old model is astrid colored quarterhorse named dallas. And telling me about the birth of her baby in september here at her home in bucks county pennsylvania following a fourteen and a half hour labor at her side. Were her partner zane. Malik her mother yulong to her sister. Bella and a local midwife and her assistant when you see someone do that you look at them a bit differently. I probably looked crazy actually. She says a giggle tinged with pride. I was an animal woman. Mallet cut the baby. Click that she was out says gee gee gazing forward through dallas alert ears as we plod through the upper fields of harmony hollow. The farm owned by longest boyfriend. Joseph goalie a construction firm ceo. I was so exhausted. And i looked up. He's holding her. It was so cute. She's in a cropped long as puffer stretch. Czar jeans and warned black riding boots and looks like neither a harried mother of a ten week old nor paparazzi ducking supermodel with her hair roped into a smooth bun bear face and tiny gold hoop earrings. She resembles mostly her teenage self. An equestrian who showed jumped competitively while growing up in her hometown of santa barbara. California what i really wanted for my experience was to feel like okay. This is a natural thing that women are meant to do. She planned to deliver it a new york city hospital but then the realities of covert hit particularly sequestering here ninety minutes from manhattan and the limits on numbers in the delivery room which would preclude yolanda and bella from being present. Then she and malik watched the two thousand eight documentary the business of being born which is critical of medical interventions and depicts a successful home birth. We both looked at each other. And we're like. I think that's the call. Gd says they placed a blow up bath in their bedroom and sent their three cats and border collie away when the midwife expressed concern that the sphinx and maine coon felines might puncture the tub with their claws. Malik ask gee-gee what music she wanted to hear and she surprised him by requesting the audio of favourite children's novel the indian in the cupboard. He downloaded the film because it was one of his favorites too and they spent the early hours of labor watching it together. That's something we'd never talked about. But in that moment we discovered we both loved. Gd says bash family. She then tells me that malik. The former one direction star turned solo artist. Who has famously press shy and declined to be interviewed for. This article likened his own experience of her birth to align documentary. he'd seen in which a male lion paces nervously outside the cave. The lion s delivers her cubs z. Was like that's how i felt you feel so helpless to see the person you love in pain. Doom dula malibu high classmate carson. Meyer had prepared her for the moment where the mother feels. She can't go any longer without drugs. I had to dig deep. Jichi says i knew it was going to be the craziest pain in my life. But you have to surrender to it and be like this is what it is. I loved that you'll monda and the midwife coach through the pain there definitely was a point where i was like. I wonder what it would be. Like with an epa darryl how it would be different jichi frankly. My midwife looked at me and was like you're doing it. No one can help you your past the point of the epidermal anyway. So you'd be pushing exactly the same way in a hospital bed so she kept pushing. I know my mom zane. Bella were proud of me but at certain points i saw each of them in terror says she ducking under a leafless branch. Dow also who've sucking in the muddy terrain afterward z and. I looked at each other. And we're like we can have some time before we do that again. The baby girl named kai digi revealed on instagram in january from the arabic for the chosen one was a weekly. She was so bright right away. Gd says adding that. The baby's heart rate stayed consistent throughout the labor. That's what i wanted for her. A peaceful bringing to the world. Kyw's world has so far remained small. Her mother rarely leaves the bucolic corner of horse country where the hadeed put down roots in two thousand seventeen. Malik bought a nearby farm. The shoot for this story. In early december at a studio in manhattan was the first time g g had left her daughter since birth yolanda took over caregiving duties even bringing her granddaughter along to feed the miniature. Ponies mama and mccoo. Gee-gee has no nanny no baby nurse. None of the traditional celebrity crutches of new motherhood during our interview the baby stayed with her father and zan's mother tricia who is visiting from england for a month to help she decided to completely take care of the baby alone says yolanda odd. And i think that bond is so important. The dutch former model turned real housewives of beverly hills. Alum was my welcoming party. When i arrived at the farm booming. Hello her arms wide on the threshold in. Camo print puffer and boots. I'm proud of her face on magazine but seeing her give birth was a whole other level of proud yolanda says you go from looking at her as a daughter to looking at her as a fellow mother. The natural transitions and generational shifts of new motherhood are at play in the household. It is a family happily influx on the sprawling. Thirty two acre property. The handful of cottages are designated for different siblings. But this summer. When g g moved out of her cottage into zan's house bella and brother anwar graduated to larger cottages leaving. The smallest is a guest house. We're still close by says she but we have our space to be our own little family. She hosted thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year with zero mother cooking the turkey g g. A prolific home-cooked herself made banana. Pi and baked yolanda favourite tatham. Bella occurred over stuffing and spiked apple. Cider in the kubota tv g g got her christmas tree early for the occasion dressing it with personal ornaments. That she and malik have exchanged over the years. The most recent being glass nintendo console a reference to a favor quarantine activity. I decorated fully. Without my mom's help. And i think i did her. Gd says they are tribe publicly known for their closeness yolanda the doting den. Mother gee-gee the fresh-faced protective older sister. Bella the edgier veronica deejays betty and aloof baby brother on war joining g g and yolanda in the kitchen for latinos and cinnamon rolls before a horseback ride eyewitness. These rules confirmed. Yolanda has the sink drinking a smoothie and finishing gee-gee sentences when she grasps for word g g threatens to have a connection if anwar eats her cinnamon roll when he ambles out of his cottage. But motherhood is a new phase and it will be up to g g to decide whether it belongs on the silhouettes of social media. I think she wants to be real. Online's as bella twenty four by phone from new york city but until her child wants to be in the spotlight and can make the decision herself. She doesn't want to put her in that position. Bela who splits her. Time between her. Soho loft and the farm and facetime with her niece and sister every morning says she already enjoys reading books. Aloud that jeeves to read to her including the rainbow fish and the very hungry caterpillar. It's pretty nostalgic. Bella says it could be argued that we are all hungry caterpillars this year cocooning and comforting with hope of emerging bright winged vaccinated g. G wants split her time between her condo and no-ho and the first class cabin of airplanes when lockdowns began she had just returned from walking fashion shows in four countries and discovering. She was pregnant on the other end of covid. She will emerge as a mother. Happily headquartered in rural pennsylvania. Still a supermodel. But one determined to lead more secluded less peripatetic life. I always want to be here fulltime. She tells me. I love the city but this is where i'm happiest furious. Speculation and countless think pieces have attended the question of what this time will mean. Will we slow down flee cities for less frenzied. More mindful life in many ways. Gee-gee the bodyman of such ideas. The sheiks glamorous version yes but also a person drawn to reassessment. It feels like now. I'm in a different place in my life. She says and she does seem genuinely at home

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