Biden Signals Break With Trump Foreign Policy in a Wide-Ranging State Dept. Speech


Us president joe biden last night delivered his first major speech on foreign policy. Since taking office it would be an exaggeration to report that. His address amounted to the unveiling of a full-scale biden dr doctrine but it was nevertheless and as was doubtless intended a statement. That things are going to be done differently. Certainly in comparison with the preceding four years on joined first of all monaco's news editor chris. Cho- mac chris. What lipped out you. As the the headlines from biden speech so andrew first of all As you alluded to there the overarching goal of the speech was one of tone if you will To really highlight the return of diplomacy to to really the center of foreign policy making in the us. Joe biden of course made this speech at the state department itself. Which in itself was a signal of that and you know. His comments were along. Those lines of america cannot afford to be absent from the world stage. As he put it america's back he focused on allies of course in particular bringing allies into conversations in order to also put more pressure on america's adversaries and in that sense we heard the clip at the top of the briefing That was the headline if you will about russia That you know he talked about taking a much harder line particularly when it comes to russia's meddling in diplomacy whether that's in the us or also for that matter charging alexei navalny But also at the same time you know it's interesting to watch what actually happens in concrete terms because for example even on russia You know he also highlighted the fact that the nuclear start treaty was Was relaunched if you are was extended just a day before this speech so there is a bit of a give and take. There was a lot of bluster in this speech but in terms of his concrete actions you know. Part of his part of his message was with allies. We can do more. We can bring pressure to bear on autocracies of the world But also therefore perhaps be successful in cooperating them with them where necessary a couple of other points. I would just highlight one. That was interesting was he. Promised a review of the defense force posture of the us. Also interesting that he sort of you know made that announcement at the state department. The point for him was to realign the us defense posture with its foreign policy. Goes he made a point of saying that. At least for the moment not troops would be leaving germany which was a key Decision that donald trump had been had made. He signed an executive order to restart. The refugee admissions program. Raising refugee admissions to about one hundred and twenty five thousand people per year. That was significant. And then as we're going to be talking about particularly ending support for the war in yemen that was really one of the key headlines that we'll get to one final thing i'd say biggest difference perhaps Or biggest thing that he didn't say Absent was iran. Because of course there are expectations that biden will rejoin the us will rejoin the iran nuclear deal. That was agreed Prior to you know under Brock obama and that donald trump pulled out of he didn't mention that specifically iran itself was Surprisingly absent perhaps they're just waiting to decide what to where to go from here on that

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