Should fewer Americans get a stimulus check?

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Republicans going to the White House today to really put this idea of bipartisanship in unity. To the test. They've got their own covered relief plan. It's one third the size and expense of what the White House has been offering. They'd like to make this a bipartisan deal to signify that they can get along and move down a different path. But is it just sound in fury signifying nothing. We turn to Rachel Sutherland watching it all on Capitol Hill are Forks, Fox correspondent and W. Jared Contributor. I, Rachel A guy? Yes, these 10 Republicans led by Susan Collins. We're going to the White House meeting scheduled at 5 P.m. in the Oval Office of 5 P.m. eastern time. But there is a great divide on this coronavirus release plan. The president is calling for $1.9 trillion Some Republicans have a counterproposal. $600 billion still includes a lot, but there are key differences for one Republicans want a $1000 stimulus check instead of the $1400 stimulus check. They also want income limits to be different under the Biden plan that believes that income on that start you start phasing out over 75 or $80,000 a year, Republicans would see that phase out, starting at 40 or $50,000 a year. They say This is more targeted relief to the people who most needed. The trick here is sometimes 40 or 50 doesn't take you very far, depending on where you live, how expensive it is. I don't know if they're taking that into account. No, no question. And also there's this notion that some people have been held harmless that have really felt no economic sting at all, and that they could still get money under both plans. Actually, I did want to ask you. There's some day of news here that is, is making things more curious, and that is the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, releasing a forecast Stating that our economy absent any significant intervention could be back at pre pandemic economic growth numbers by the middle of this year. Does that have anybody rethinking the size of this stimulus plan? And does that give Republicans maybe some ammunition to say Hey, we don't need a $2 trillion bail out here. Is that something from the Congressional Budget Office and those were the nonpartisan be encounters. They're making this production that by the middle of the year we could be back to where we were before. Which is, if you think about it remarkable that people who live day to day man who may be lost or business lost her job was heard of people living in their cars, and they find it. Hard to believe. But yeah, I do. Pretty guy could give Republicans ammunition coming Anything. What? We have this report to the CBO saying that things were going to get better. But because the vaccines are on the way, it's been about a bit of a bumpy rollout. Now there's been announcement from the government of at home testing kits. They're going to ramp up production. That you can test it home and then hook it up to an analyzer and it'll give Aries. So if you have a smartphone within 15 minutes, imagine how that could change our world in our lives. And going places going back to school. Going back to work. Maybe going to see a concert. Something like that. And all of those things. Yeah. What so much talk about bipartisanship right now. And I'm curious because you know if I'm talking to people that run restaurants have I'm talking people in the street. I think they're saying, Look, we need help. We don't really give a rip whether who wants to take credit for it or whether it's bipartisan or not. How important is the bipartisan bill to the White House? How important is it to the GOP? And why are they struggling so hard to try to at least look like they are moving down that road? This is the first test of bipartisanship. The first real test to see Okay. Does President Biden mean it when he's talking about unity? This meeting today so important? It's also noteworthy that there are 10 senators from the Republican side going over. That's enough to break the filibuster. And go ahead and pass something if they can't come to agreement Democrats have in their back pocket. This idea. I'm sure you heard of it. Budget reconciliation, which was it's a maneuver that allows him to get around the filibuster and passed us on the simple majority vote. But Republicans don't like the idea for one. This includes a $15 minimum wage, which serves they're saying Whoa, Hold on. I might have to lay off workers and we don't need that in the pandemic.

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