A highlight from Secrets of Valuations for Business Owners w/Bharat Kanodia


All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. We are in the virtual building once again with the authority project. And i have my new frontier barack kennel. He is here. he says to help us. Discover the secrets of valuations for you. The business owner is that right. Barack i will do my best bryan. Thank you again for having me great. Well we shall see episode the authority project. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Beastie is eyes tune your ears. it's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they've built authority airfield. And how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host brian s arnold virtuous data. Once again minute. Barack cananea visit the authority project. You're the project we wanna slap authority to your name so you can sell more what you're great at. And today we are talking about the secrets of valuations for you. The business owner. And i'm excited about this. Because i have no clue about this whatsoever so this this is this is gonna be exciting for me. I'm hoping it's going to be setting for you as well. So yeah i'm excited. Get to it but right how you doing today doing well. Exciting for me to great great. Then we knew this nothing better than just sharing my knowledge and helping few people along the way i love it so this start first of all before we dive in about. Let's talk about who you are personally and professionally personal. Do wanna get home so anyway. I'm barat the kanodia. I m a valuation professional I live in the san francisco. Bay area Father husband business owner and been in valuation twenty years. I have done all kinds of different kinds of assets as in machinery and equipment. Real estate commercial residential Large companies small companies public sector private sector Large tech companies like airbnb weird assets if you will liked brooklyn bridge. Okay atlanta airport. Mta system of the city of new york. I've been very fortunate. It's unfortunate if you will. They're just saying okay. So do you have. You have a current project. You're working on at the moment that you wanna share. I'm sure now. I'm working for cannibus client That is in three states and they revenue is about two hundred million so not crazy big. Pretty big for canopus And they are looking to expand and race capital so they needed my help to understand what their current businesses worth so that they can raise capital accordingly awesome. I have a sneaky question for you do you do you have any is my head earlier. You have any dreams of one time. Being on the sean on the shark tank you gave me dreams of that at all. I watch shark tank. Abbott and many times disagree with the way they come up with because frankly there's really not much science behind the valuations They offer a lot of. It is just touchy feely And got off the investor or maybe their perception of what the inventor or the founder except So yes i watch shark tank avidly favorite shows so awesome. So what does what does your daily routine. What is it that often the here. Does this stuff. So what is your daily routine. If you that i'm a routine guy and ever since the pandemic working from home i have become more of a routine person otherwise you know you get in trouble so i start by early. I start my calls from five five fifteen. Am now given. I live on the west coast. So that's almost late for you. That's like eight o'clock your time but I start my calls earlier on five. Five fifteen and i start out east stow. I have clients in asia. I start there than do europe. And than i do east coast and then i sort of keep moving out west And nowadays just the way how businesses in the world is i'm on zoom for like six to eight hours a day and then in the afternoon spend some time with my children I don't get a chance to work out in the mornings. So i work out after i played with my kids and then My don't do much. After how i do work for a little bit in the evening otherwise i just hang out with my family so great so very very routine very routine. Great stuff okay. Great we got all the other way. So let's get down to business. Let's start talking shop here so give us the secrets

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