Questions Arise Over CDC Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccines


A lot of Americans Congressman Thomas Massie already had coronavirus and wanted to know if he should still get a covid-19 seem most everyone has had covid-19 is considered immune but how long immunity last is unknown whether it's after infection or vaccination on award winning scientists himself as he quickly found that vaccine studies showed no benefit to people who've had coronavirus vaccination didn't change their odds of getting reinfected. The controversy began when Massey noticed the CDC was claiming the exact opposite cdc's advisory committee on immunization practices had just issued a high-profile report offered by fifteen scientists. It wrongly claimed Pfizer study proved. The vaccine is highly effective or showed consistent High efficacy for people who'd already had coronavirus. Thar's Covey to it says the exact opposite of what the data says. They're giving people the impression that this vaccine will save your life, even or you know save you from suffering even if you've already had the virus and recovered which has not been demonstrated in either the Pfizer or the moderna trial the mystery deepened when Massey contacted CD-ROM for an explanation as he says he was so alarmed by the misinformation he decided to record the calls on a December 16th. Call cdc's Captain Amanda Cohn C ROM Agree that people who've had coronavirus shouldn't rush to get vaccinated. You know given that there's limited doses right now where we are you suggesting that those people who wait for that suggestion to wait has it always gotten out. Should I get the vaccine if I've already had covered it experts say it's a good idea because they're not sure how protected you are after recovering our full measure investigation examined the database reporting illness after covid-19 scenes. It shows numerous people are getting vaccinated even though they've already have the virus some experts say that's depriving others who need the vaccine most health officials in many kids say they don't have enough vaccine. It's happening across the country promised doses not delivered on the call. In fact Massey for flagging they're mistaken claim that vaccines were proven to work for people who've had coronavirus. I think we'd read that way. She'll go down the other stuff. You know, we just skipped right over it with we know we can't be perfect. I mean they're working on this thing will forever after be known at all but legalized. Okay, and they said thank you for finding the mistake. We're going to fix this and I thought well, okay problem solved. This is how government works but it didn't quite turn out that way two days later the same doctor KO nud probes to fix joined other CDC doctors in repeating the false information this time in an online session for medical professionals. They wrongly claimed studies show people who've had coronavirus home do benefit from the vaccine.

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