A highlight from #118: Connecting Through Cooking with Chef Kibby


And i don't know about you lisa but i literally feel like every time i turn around. Someone wants to know what's for lunch. What's for dinner. What can i eat absolutely. I always think. I mean really. Dinner just keeps coming over and over and over and over doing it for so many years and yet i do like feeding my family. I have discovered that. I actually love just the cooking part. I actually hate the meal. Planning i hate deciding what people are going to. And i absolutely all know hate cleaning up but recently one of my kids surprised me and i was kind of meal planning on a sunday morning. I was asking the kids. What should i make again like. I don't mind doing it. I just don't have to make the decision and he said mom. You should just assign us all a day to cook and between you and add in the three big kids. We could just have two nights of leftovers or fend for yourself and this is my kid who typically you know these types of domesticated chores are not his strong suit. He'll do things like fix my washing machine and change the carburetor on our snowblower but i was so surprised that he came up with this. And so we're going to start this. At by the time episode airs we will be well into our. The kids are taking days to meal plan. And just all i have to do is grocery shop for them and they'll execute. I love it. i love it. We've done that at various times in our family where all the dinners were divided up between different people. We have that right now mostly because my boys are sports late in the afternoon. Yeah there just aren't as many people here cook however my daughter claire often comes home and cooks dinner on sunday which is really really nice for me so against today was here to talk about how he has used is using cooking to connect with his children and teaching other families. How to do that to his name is chef kibi and he's a professional chef and culinary instructor with over twenty five years in the food industry. He's also a biological foster and adoptive dad who seeks to use his brand cooking with kibi to show other parents how to use shared act of cooking and eating with their kids as a way to build deeper relationships stronger attachments. And more resilient young people yeah. This was a fascinating conversation. It included some brain science. I think you guys are gonna to love it. Hello kitty welcome to the adoption connection. Podcasts lisa thank you so much for having me. It is an absolute pleasure to be here.

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