Angels suspend pitching coach Callaway after misconduct report

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There is an ugly story floating around today involving the angels pitching coach. Go ahead okay. So this was reported last night. Pay the athletic. Mickey callaway is currently the pitching coach for the angels. He's been suspended and the reason. Why is five. Women have accused him of lewd behavior. All of these women are in the media so this is very similar to the story that got jeered porter fired as the gm of the mets last week. The story from the athletic is very detailed. And i'll just read from part of the story. It says calloway aggressively pursued at least five women who work in sports media sending three of them inappropriate photographs and asking one of them to send nude photos in return. He sent them unsolicited electronic messages and regularly commented on their appearance in a manner that made them uncomfortable. In one instance thrust his crotch near the face of a reporter as she interviewed him in another. He told one of the women that if she got drunk with him. He chair information about the mets that one paragraph and i would encourage people who are interested in the story to go to the athletic and read it. If you hear that one paragraph you think well this guy. It's going to be like jared porter. He'll be fired today. Yeah he has not been fired today. And the reason for that is that in california and i don't know if this is different than in new york but in california you are entitled if you claim that you didn't do these things and he does claim that he didn't do it right then. You're entitled to an investigation before they can fire you so He since calloway has denied all wrongdoing that under california labor law. He's entitled to an investigation before he has terminated so the angels have suspended him so he ended up the team's not meeting right now anyway so we don't know when the baseball season's going though but mickey callaway is probably not going to be the pitching coach. The they're probably be some due process here and then they'll eventually fire him and the angels won't have a lot of time to go out and find a new pitching coach. We don't even know when the baseball season is going to start right. Baseball players union wants to start at the normal time. The owners want it to be pushed forward a month so spring training and march as opposed february players wanted to start in february on time. And there's a big disagreement go figure a big disagreement between the players and the owners in major league baseball right so we don't know when the baseball season going to start but back to this. Calloway story It is what i've learned. And what i learned in when we reported that cheered porter story is this is. This goes on with all sorts of female reporters in all sorts of sports. And i. there's no other way to handle this then to develop zero-tolerance people aren't getting it. I can't imagine ever sending a what was it. That porter sent forty one unanswered techs. And now this guy. Mickey callaway desert to five different female reporters. The these people are trying to do their jobs. What are what are you not getting here. I think anybody who did with jared porter did or what mickey calloway did meets professional help. They need it. Didn't need to go to a psychiatrist. And and so. You agree by the way this investigation. That means you're trying to dot. Every i and cross every t they wanna make sure they've got a rock solid case. Get all the evidence together all of it together and say here's the case why you're getting fired. He suspended he ultimately will be fired. There's no way am if this story is one hundred percent accurate. We have no reason to believe it. Isn't it seems very well sourced but i mean you're you are innocent until proven guilty in this world so he should have a chance now but wait. Wait what if you look at the story. And there's proof of the phone and it says in the story lays it all out like the in this story itself there's proof of screenshots of these text messages and appropriate text messages and they said that they saw the lincoln messages and they saw the emails. I mean just from our point of view without doing any type of investigation. Don't you think that that right. There is enough to be like okay. There's plenty of proof here to show that at least you know. But you've gotta your own investigation. You can't say all right. The athletic to the investigation. Let's run with this because right now. It's the athletic versus mickey callaway. Calloway's denying it didn't happen but can't the angels say we don't want somebody that's being accused of that by multiple people on our team whether it all you got gotta be careful if you fire somebody for 'cause they and somehow this is wrong but if it's just a moral thing it's a character clause like the you know like the whole thing he's going but he's going to be fired he's going to fire all they want is to say here's the case. Here's all the pins. Mickey lewd deny it yet lindsay wing differences and make if they've suspended him now and they're in. The plan is to fire him as soon as they carry out this investigation. So he's not around the team. He's not employees he suspended. He's out the bad look for them not to just fire them right off the bat because like saying that they need to have an investigation is basically saying that you know there. There's if they're prolonging the inevitable like you guys say like that's what they're doing basically what the difference that they fire him today or in two

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