The James Franco Sexual-Misconduct Lawsuit Has Been Settled


Other big story today. James franco's sexual misconduct lawsuit has been settled and to recap what happened here. If you missed it he started this film school. A couple of years ago called studio four and he himself actually taught some acting classes. There your world handful of students particularly women who accused him of putting them in some pretty split if sexual situations like role playing acting out or jeez you kind of get the idea more than what was deemed necessary for the class for the record. The class in question here was called a master class on sex scenes. The women also alleged though that teams franco led them to believe that he would give them roles in his movies when they became available if they played along with what he was asking them to do. In this class both sides did announce the settlement to the judge terms. Were not disclosed. I don't know how much money was given here studio for that. Acting school has been closed for a couple of years

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