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WNBC WNBC traffic in transit well on Long Island. Still seeing a lot of company on the Southern State Parkway eastbound in the 19 to 21. It's emergency construction work until 2 p.m. one lane blocked there. The B Q E it slow both directions near the Williamsburg Bridge. Grand Central Accident cleaned up westbound on Queens Boulevard, the Hutch North bound your Exit six in the process of clearing that accident away. South bound on the cross Bronx to the outbound gwb about a 15 minute set back all the way across the Alexander Hamilton Bridge. Also really slowing down on the North bound Bruckner up to the hutch and again on the North bound Bronx River Parkway north of the cross, Bronx really jamming up there as well. The L I e tough, go both ways. Clear view to the fall Silent. Also getting word of a crash now westbound over the goggles Bridge from Staten Island into New Jersey. That's gonna cost us about 10 to 15 minutes. Also are westbound to Lady in New Jersey bumper to bumper exit 14 to 13. It's emergency road work there in the left lane is closed and now for our weather forecast from the Ramsey Mazda Weather Center today partly sunny chance of a few snow showers of Hillary's possible highs near 35 Tonight clear lows near 20 and 25 tomorrow, mostly sunny highs near 35. And Monday showers

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