Paige Bueckers Dominates at UConn

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China's great to have you back on the show. It is always wonderful to be with you. Pablo thanks for having me. China robinson hosts the around the rim podcast and serves as a basketball analyst and calls games for espn. So you are an busy person. The china you just came off calling a game like minutes ago. Described to me what your life is like in this new kind of era of broadcasting. How's it going pablo. I can pretty much that up about three words in the house. That is where. I spend a majority of my time these days. I'm in the house calling games watching film and that's pretty much my wife right now. I come to you the china from a bunk bed inside an airbnb. So i feel all of your pain and i wanna get into women's basketball with the of course and we'll get to the professionals and a little bit but i want to start by asking you about the really the single biggest name that's been dominating the college game pretty much all year as a freshman and that is page bekker's with percents. How would you begin to describe page. Bekker's for someone who's unfamiliar with what she's been up to it yukon Well pablo the word coming out of stores was that page. Bekker's was going to be the next coming of breanna stewart or diana taurasi right. So that's high praise no pressure. Yeah none at all. She was a number one. Overall recruit in the twenty twenty class and her rival in college. Basketball was highly anticipated list. Three beckham's with the rebound put first seconds of her client career where we were literally salivating and watching her highlights from high school wondering if she would be the player to finally get connecticut back to winning championships since keep in mind. They lost in the final. Four in the last three tournaments. Pretty much ever. Since breanna stewart left well pays bekker's is not only a great player. She has six hundred forty nine thousand instagram followers. More uconn legend sue bird by the way when she became the first player in uconn history with three straight thirty point gains. We knew something special was happening and she really hasn't disappointed. I mean her perfect field. Go performance the last five minutes versus number one south carolina that was quite the epic performance bekker's from around the screen and set the stage for what we've been seeing from page so game and her style of play. How would you characterize it. What's made her so dominant as just a freshman making a debut. This impressive at five eleven paid really makes the game easier for everyone else on the court well except her opponents of course.

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