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Gift as her tribute that she's Bringing forth in hopes of being able to join the inner circle of the hellfire club. That's right after new. Best friend mondo and stuck him in stasis tube not cool cordelia. That's not how you friendship. No no that's wrong in every way now we last saw mondo and cordelia generation x. Number eight in a very short scene in which cordelia disappeared while diving and mondo dovan after her. We don't know what happened between there and here. But i assume she somehow knocked him out or trapped him or you some kind of technology. I don't know there's no explanation. The point is she just gave a large naked man to show shot a large naked men in a tank full of what appears to be water. Which i wonder i wonder if this is a call back to nate to the name or stuff. Oh yeah okay. yeah as. She figures that the health club was unsuccessfully tried to recruit name or and therefore the way to get in is just to bring them random aquatic crap to bring them in naked man and water. Yeah legit well. Veteran have too much time to ponder the sub mariner connections or lack thereof because a bunch of random dudes break in and try to steal motto. So i wanna talk about these guys. Because they're they're the kind of decoy. That makes me think that the story was originally intended to go in one direction and then someone either forgot or read content because these guys appear to be from team excellence. A group introduced in wolverine a few years prior in his solo series. Yeah they're wearing skintight. Black outfit with unnecessarily complicated. Yellow accents pouches harnesses helmets. That sort of thing. They look almost identical to the way. Wolverine and maverick and sabertooth looked during their own days team x and the connections. Don't stop there. Because their boss is named barrington and buried him was a character who was introduced in connection with team acts back in early x men volume to adjective lists x. Men he died there. But it's the marvel universe. Whatever doesn't really matter so yeah. This seems super cut and dry as far as who these kidnappers are supposed to be but will later find out that nah. Nah it turns out barrington michigan alias. For shawn's brother black. Tom cassidy and The team max. Outfits were just incidental maybe they thought they looked cool. I mean they do look cool. Cordelia left her own devices. Heads to the executive your school for help and emma is reluctant but she figures that cordelia would only come to her if she absolutely had to and of course you know there's the mutant life at stake so she grudgingly agrees to to go along with us. I do wanna give some credit to our large collection of pennsylvania's and in the season which cordelia shows up. We get to see a number of members of john acts and whoever it is that draws page husk at this point. I love the way they draw her. Like she legitimately looks like she could be related to sam guthrie. And you don't often see that yeah nice. That's that's always really impressive when you can. You can see that kind of like family resemblance in a medium where people aren't drawn all that consistently

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