Beverly Hills Police Declare Unlawful Assembly During Trump Supporter Rally


At a pro Trump rally in Beverly Hills. Some people voiced support for storming the Capitol. Not allow this. Our rights are being taken away from all these were the same protesters that gather here Beverly Gardens Park on a regular basis. They were waving Trump flags, cheering somewhere, yelling at drivers who passed by indicating they don't support Trump. One man here told me he does not support the mob that burst into Congress. Horrible I When I saw it, it really made me almost want to cry. But this man, Benjamin Johnson told me he would have been one of the first ones through the doors if he were in D. C. They have to show that these people who are so sequestered in Congress, that the real people, the people of America, they aren't afraid to come to their doorstep and say this was a legitimate and you will listen to us to fight now or we're not gonna have a country anymore. Beverly Hills police called the unlock Full assembly about 6 P.m.. The crowd left and it didn't appear. They arrested

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