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Working his magic in another human soul at the celebration of the birth of a baby. Speaking of nightmares. How are yours doing these days. Isn't it interesting. How fascinated we can get with dreams pondering their significance wondering if they really do have meaning for us in real life in even seeking advice from those who claim to have some expertise in the subject. Interestingly there's no shortage of biblical references about dreams and even prophetic significance in some consider for a moment the most significant component of dreams and nightmares. What is it you know we are sleeping. We wake up in a sweater laughing or smiling but we wake up. We hope that's dreams. There are times refers. Something in real life is dream like or nightmarish and when it gets there and lines begin to blur. It gets scary. I must admit that there's been a component of that. In recent days during the pandemic it all seemed somewhat surreal from the history books or a science fiction novel. We keep wandering when will wake up or at least wish. It was just a nightmare from which we could wake. What's your worst nightmare. You trying to scream and nothing comes out. Do you wake up covered in sweat. What if you discovered. It wasn't a dream and you weren't waking up and it just kept going the bay we have the unique privilege of having an illustrious guests who knows a thing or two about nightmares probably worst nightmares than you've ever had in with good cause his name's dave stevens. Some just call him cowboy. And i want to jump in in the middle of his nightmare. Welcome dave to church. Hurt saying dr bash. Get to be here in a minute. We'll find out how you got there. But i want to dive into your nightmare. Debut or lying in a hospital bed unable to move or communicate in any way. Tell me what that feels like. Well it certainly was overwhelming to say the least And i think the tough thing about it is as you mentioned nightmares way. You're in that state. You almost get into trauma state and your nightmares become very very real to where you don't know the difference between what is the dream or what is my reality because they both are horrific. But you so you. You're lying in the bed. You you can hear and perceive around you somewhat but you can't move or speak right wrecked so you don't know whether through these voices are Ever so often you may hear whether the recognize you but you don't know for sure who it is or that he may see someone that you can't necessarily make out their voices very clearly and then you go back. Perhaps to your memory of a nightmare which is even crazier about trying to Just end it in your nightmare. Because what you're feeling does not feel real doesn't feel human so you're able to you're able to tell you're trying to move hands or anything. You can tell some psalms not working. You couldn't see either so you're really in darkness. Yeah but then you mean there's times when you come out of it and you kind of look around that makes no sense because you're field when you can't move it's amazing all of our senses are connected. You can't move and you can't speak Everything else is twisted. Don't don't you think that really is like the ultimate nightmare. I mean really. It's can't for me not being able to communicate. Inaba itself is just horrifying Not being able to see what's around you the blackness. All of a sudden really gets deep. Okay obviously our listeners. Wanna know how in the world as you get yourself into that state And a few things had changed in your life before all this happened but tell me how. How did it happen. How'd you get into this situation. Well i think for it all started. Probably we can blame midlife crisis at the age of fifty my wife. Cathy said semi can throw you a party.

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