House chamber to listen to the arguments on certifying the electoral college votes.


Because we were restricted from being on the floor because the social distancing a lot of us were up in the gallery listening where the public typically said, and at one point sort of during the debate about Arizona, there was suddenly a commotion and the leadership of both parties was whisked off the floor Pretty forcefully. You could tell it was enough to give them a note. It was to get them. Out of there. And then that was followed by an announcement that the capital had been breached and that they were shutting all the doors. So they shut all the doors to the second floor. The chamber, the gallery up here and then down below, they tell us to get out our mass at one point from under your seats the gas mask because they expected to be deploying tear gas. But we didn't have a lot of information is everything. One of things that people don't appreciate is that you know everyone else was watching on TV. What was going on, But those of us Sitting in chamber or really

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