Jarmo Kekalainen on the Dubois-Laine Deal


Always good when a major newsmaker joins the podcast. He is yarmouk kick elaine general manager of the columbus. Blue jackets Jahmil thanks so much for doing this. And i'm always curious about how deals come together. And maybe more specifically when deals and you know we know that there are other teams out. There obviously interested in pierre. Luke dubois in your mind. When was this trade over. Like at what point did you say. Okay i'm done. He's going to winnipeg jets by you. Gotta do your due diligence around the league and see what the interest level is and what type of options we have available. And we did that. We recommend order and you might make have to make a couple rounds a call system. Make sure that everybody who's interested. Got their opportunity to give their best shot and we did that as well. So it took a little while but You know we came to the conclusion there. After the last game that dubois played that we wanna do this sooner rather than later so we were pretty busy on friday working on that than saturday morning. We we were ready. And and now. We have patrick line and ross lubbock here. One thing that became clear to us on the outside. Is that you and kevin chevrolet off had discussed this for awhile that you kind of both knew that if you wanted to do this there was going to be the opportunity to do it. I'm curious caramel. How'd you guys known that you were each other's potential trade partners. If you needed to be we we had a good dialogue for a while and this is probably the best match right from the start. But as i said we had to do our diligence. And make sure that we've done our homework on every opportunity that might be out there and after we'd done that we return to talks with winnipeg several times and and wanted to make sure that all parts of the trade work for us as far as cap goes cash involved there other parts of the deal that we had to iron out once. We actually does hurdles. We were ready to pull the trigger on both sides. You describe what. It was like thursday night for us. I know what a incredibly competitive person. You are a lot of things. What was it like watching that. And can you talk about your discussions after the game that night. Internally internal talks always internal talks for me and a very serious about that but you know there are certain values that We have within our organization within our team in our locker room and we have a very demanding head coach who never compromised. Those values would never want him to compromise those values and i support him honor percent when he he does his coach in enforcing those values and it came to a point. Where were that wasn't a level of commitment to those values that was given by fearless dubois and that's why he was bent and i support the coach hundred percent on on that decision. Like i said after that. I think there's a little more urgency on our part to get this done and we're happy to move on with the two players that we like even if the trade hadn't occurred on saturday morning to the organization had pure luke dubois played his last game with the blue jackets. And what. I'm sort of getting at was anyway that he would have played saturday afternoon. No no you wasn't gonna play saturday but after that. It's the coach's decision on on all. He wants to handle the player. And there's no need to get into that but There's always a second chances and opportunities to redeem yourself as a player if you make a mistake or don't live up to the values that we hold strong ear but you have to show through your hard work in practice and and how you conduct your business in the locker room and within the team and I'm sure then. Our coach will always give him every player a second chance or an opportunity to show that. He's ready to live

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