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Feel very strongly about the merits of a good stretch before you podcast or before you listen to a podcast or really anything. He'll just do it together. Stretch it out. Okay all right. Let's go do it. This is a wells cast with wells. Atoms iheartradio podcast. All right stretched out. Limburg dealing good as everyone doing out there on the bachelor this week barely. They cut your boy out which i mean. I'm used to listen but this week. I don't even say anything. I'm just there for like three seconds then boom so whatever. I had like seven really good jokes. I was so excited for it. I made like a biggie. To pock joke that i thought definitely was gonna kill pun intended and they caught it. Whatever it's fine it's not about me. It's about matinees. Ginny clarin dale though ha. Who saw that coming every. Everyone got it okay. Sorry certain. here's the great thing about the podcast. They can't cut me out. Because i do the kuttan. You boy is the editor. And also the editors over abc. Listen i get it. I can't stand myself either. So i'm right there with you but not in cutting out our guest today because this guy literally has done everything. He's an actor. He's a singer is a songwriter. He started out early on nickelodeon. Show a big time rush part of the best selling music group of the same name. He's pivoted over. The edm side of the music quarrel got a song right now. That's number one cross. The pond dude won the iheartradio rising star award. Who else the last man. Standing on dancing with stars is the current host of the cw global talent. Show the big stage with lisbeth. Stan us on the first season of cbs celebrity. Big brother he's got a new romcom outright. Now called stars fell on alabama. He's got a war movie coming out later this year. I mean this guy's on everything except my show until today coming up on the wells cast. We got james. Maslo stick around. This is a good one good afternoon. Would you like to try a free sample of our double fudge brownie. Sure that's very good. I'll just take one more to be

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