Is a plant-based diet the 'best' diet for health?


Now if you're listening to this episode when it goes live which is the end of january twenty twenty one. Then he will. No doubt have spent the last few weeks being inundated with messaging about january. And all the trappings that go without honestly. I've had on social media. I've had it for my online shopping. Sources i've been targeted for various vegan delivery boxes and all sorts. It's been quite a largely recently and the has definitely been a shift towards veganism and or a more plant based way of eating because more and more research into its benefit show persuasive results in ever since i started compensations last year with dr auditor and dr doughty. I've been thinking myself about just making more of my meals plant based because they say the benefits are so many varied in. Tj's work because an elite sports nutritionist. Though he is seen it improve not just how people feel generally but he's seen it improve people's physical performance and their recovery. However let's just be very honest about something. Begin gets a bad rap. There's that old joke. How do you know if someone's a vegan don't worry they'll tell you and that goes hand in hand with this idea that making this kind of diet. Reshift is really complicated. Takes a lot of effort and planning and is more faster than a pleasure. Tj is a sports nutritionist. He works with professional sports people. He makes a very good case. For the fact that every obstacle you think stands between you and veganism or plant based diet is actually a bit of a nonsense and easily overcome in fact as you'll hear in this episode everytime i bring one of those obstacles uproar share criticism. He's very quickly able to immediately squash them. It's you know there's an answer for everything and it's so good to speak to somebody. He actually lives it himself but also help other people apply it and actually is not typical is really easy. Perhaps his best response to the criticisms and all of the sort of misinformation out there about this kind of diet though in this kind of lifestyle is his book the plant based power plan which i was very lucky to get a copy of before it went on sale and is a very comprehensive. A very practical guide for the maximizing your physical performance in recovery. So if that's very much your the front of your mind about how you want to feel whether you're particularly active and you want to improve your active performance your sports performance for example but also about tweaking your nutrition to make sure you're getting enough energy whatever you're doing but perhaps one of the things that is most useful as tj who is also a chef. Has shed thirty nutrient rich recipes. So you're not trying to kind of learning the principles and the science which there was a lot trust me as a whole section in the book just about how to read and understand the clinical data and how to no information out. There is really helpful. Information out there was just kind of marketing. Nonsense it's really really useful and if you sometimes think well i kind of get being naba. Where do i start. this book. also contains proven recipes that op delicious nutrient rich and will really help you feel great so in this episode. Tj and discuss what the differences between b. being vegan and plant based. Because you will notice. I've used the terms interchangeably. Because i kind of thought they were the same thing but they were actually as a difference also how to discern what information is accurate and what might be marketing blurb or not entirely true. Why plant based diet doesn't mean you'll miss out on key nutrients why cutting meat out of your weight. Menial missing protein. That is one of the biggest questions that i know. Tj gets when mentioned to friends that. I was speaking to a vegan nutritionist. I said what about protein. You will not struggle to find elsewhere. And he explains why the health benefits of eating plant based diet both on cardiovascular health an the overall risk that has on other chronic conditions the reduction in risk it has on other chronic conditions. I should say the data is really quite convincing an overwhelmingly it favors being plant based and then all say why plant based diet can have such a positive effect on how you feel and so much more. You will be very quick to understand that. Tj's understanding of veganism and the work he's done in. Veganism and plot based diet is very in depth. There's a lot of science of the little data so this isn't just somebody who has a few recipes. this is someone who's done a deep dive and research and also applies it to his own life but helps other people to use in their own life to increase their physical performance. And as i said the physical recovery which i think we often forget talk about rest and recovery and actually our diet can we without too so the links to tj. His book is social media. And everything discussed in this episode can be found in the show notes which can be found wherever it is that you streaming and downloading this episode. But without any further ado here. Here's tj waterfall

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