Chicago mayor provides update on city’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts


Their Lightfoot. Um, from Chicago. I see her. She's needs a new and show her video. And I think she can do that. I'm sharing. My video of my staff is saying Don't do it. Your office looks messy. Just well, here I am Sorry, and all my glory. Anyway. Thanks. Uh, first and foremost we're in is his call. I want to make three points, two of which I think man and and Jeff have covered. But I want to just underscored from the perspective of a city like Chicago. Um, way you have to think I think really. Long and hard about how the money's will flow to cities and states and I will just say asses one of the cities that got direct funding. We were grateful for that. Obviously want that to happen again. But I also lied. And I said this another context. A conversation with regional mirrors around Chicago, 300 plus Who didn't get a nickel at all. Or if they got something. They got it in September and October from the states who got their money at the same time that we did last April. That just can't be a thing going forward. So one of the things I I will add that hasn't already been said if you're going tol Send monies through states, which I do not recommend. And clearly not for a city the size of Chicago, You got to put some specific controls around dispersing that in a timely fashion to other minister Palate ease. I would put a specific time limits on it because a lot of these municipalities that are smaller in size are smaller than Dayton. Smaller than other places on bit may not be practical for you to be able to distribute money to them directly, but then makes a state. Give him the money and give it to me in a timely fashion, where we can actually help when people everybody's on a different budgeting cycle, But when they don't get money allocated from the federal government till six months or longer afterwards, that's a crisis. That's absolutely Entirely avoidable so that that's issue one on vaccines, I would say again. We welcome the partnership, which would be a huge change from what we've experienced over the course of this last year, but But you've got to talk to us because it's not one size fits all and Julie, As you just said, We're all the different stages in Cycle where all the different stages in which we built infrastructure ready to go, and I will tell you, you know, we've had this challenge with our state. We have actually good relationships with the same party. But when we hear, not directly, but Oh, there's this resource coming. It is coming into the city of Chicago, and it's going to be this is the nest. It just adds confusion. If there's not a conversation and collaboration on the front end. We don't wanna be in that situation with the new administration and the last thing I'll say, and I'm a broken record on this really seriously. You've got to stand up a bipartisan, geographically dispersed size. Just first Group of mayors. You cannot do really much of anything that you want to accomplish without us at the table, But bring us up to the table on the front end at the back end here what our experiences are get a diversity of opinions. You know you're doing that to some extent with the governor's. You got to do that with the mayor's. I just can't tell you enough. Your success depends on us. And our success depends on you. So let's link arms and do this together. Set up Mayor's Council of some sort. These calls are great, but I'm going dialogue from different parts of the country. Different demographics, different sizes, Republican Democrat independent You'll figure out how to put it together, but we've got to be at the table. So that's the last thing I'll say they're like. Could I

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