So Jeffrey Toobin Had a Zoom Incident. What Now?


Back in the news. Oh, Jeffrey Toobin. Dammit! Story was so great. You may remember him. I do remember him from such things. Has pleasuring himself live during a zoom call with his work colleagues right now, let's be clear. There's nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself. It's perfectly natural. There's nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself on a zoom call. Potentially potentially. There is, however, something wrong with pleasuring yourself on a zoom call if the other people don't want to see it. Assed. Far as I know, no one gave consent to that. Here's the latest story from the Daily Mail. A former colleague of Jeffrey Toobin has broken her silence over his quote pervy behavior. Claiming he left a message on her voice mail, telling a sex act he wanted he had planned to perform. On her before calling days later to tell her he was back with his wife. Oh, my gosh! What a ifs! Keeve! This guy is and he's cheated on his wife before. I mean, this is one of those times where I'm I want to look at his wife and just be like what Is wrong with you. He can't possibly be providing you. So much money or so much of a lifestyle that this is worth it That is worth it for you to be humiliated like this by just being married to such a disgusting skeevy. Maybe it's not a lifestyle he's providing. Maybe he's providing something else. What Well. I mean, I'm sorry, but women do not look at sex that way. Oh, hell they do. They do not. They would never say with a guy. I mean, Well, I guess clearly they are in this case, but women typically are not going to stay with a guy because they're good in bed. You know what I mean? That's especially if they look like that cat. He's gross. You don't seem impressed. No, I am not impressed. In the least, I think he's disgusting. The story goes on to say that journalist Lisa DePaulo told The New York Times about the alleged incident that took place in 2003 as it emerged that CNN is still employing tube in more than a month after he was fired because he got fired from what was it that the Post or the New Yorker New Yorker? That's right. He got fired from the New Yorker and then CNN is just like We think he's fine. We're just gonna put him on a leave like an undisclosed indeterminate amount of time leave, but we're still going to keep him in our employ. I mean, I would hope that this would be the nail in the coffin. So to speak. I mean, if you don't get fired for crank it off on zoom. What can you get fired for me? Exactly. It just shows you how low CNN standards are. They are gross. There. Everybody's grosses. He is

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